fullsizerenderOn 17 November 2016 25 community members made their way through the dark rain to the Oosterpark to see the first preview of the emerging design of our new space and give further input.

Based on previous community sessions we addressed how community input was integrated into the proposed design:

Before we moved, the community was seeking to ideally be part of a bigger system; to be accessible and visible on ground floor; to be in a location that lives a culture of connectivity – an energetic and busy feeling but with the capability to find small spaces to be quiet; smart, multi-functional spaces – that the space tells a story and offers different spaces for different modalities; that it is safe and inviting; in an attractive part of town but not too touristy…

Aren’t we lucky we found all that?!

In July we were pleased to announce our contract for a space at KIT, and since then have embarked on a  journey to design, renovate and outfit the space in time for The Move at the end of December.  We are working in collaboration with our member AKKA Architects, who has also grown with us over the last 3 years and specialises in designing for interaction. Over the past months, we have entered the space (today we could not as it is currently in the midst of major renovation) and hosted co-creation sessions with our members as an essential part of our design process. Members will continue to be invited to co-create our collective experience as we move and inhabit the space, as it will never be fully done but continually evolving to meet our needs as a community.

In the co-creation days, we harvested that members are longing for something extra, beyond working space; desire a balance between presentable working space for partners and a desire for casual space; they want to be part of newer and bigger events; to connect more across each others’ network and make the work more visible through our #NextHub; and to engage the neighbourhood more in what we do. The community has also named the importance of interaction with the green space we are in and to have a vibrant working area as the heart of the hub; to be able to better see who in this larger Impact Hub and to have a place that speaks to the way of working we embrace and encourages a healthy way of working. We have endeavoured to serve all these needs in the design.

After AKKA presented the emerging design in terms of space use, look and feel (floor plans are hanging in the Hub), we broke into 4 working groups to address aspects that need further input:

  • there has been a call for more visibility and display of your work and impact: what ideas do you have as members to do that?
  • what are “wow” items that we might want in-Hub to enhance the experience?
  • how might we practically integrate health & wellness as part of our work day?
  • ‘The Floor is Yours’ means the event space, when it will not be in use, is open and available: in what way might you want to use it?

There was fantastic input from the community – thank you! – which will be taken into the next phase of the design as we start to deal with outfitting and interior design.

Stay tuned! Next engagement opportunities are:

  • Give your input between now and November 30th in-Hub on the naming of the rooms, on the #NextHub door in-Hub
  • Join us December 2nd 18.30-21.00 at The Final Winedown and share a story of your experience in our Westerpark space before we leave, let us know you are coming here
  • Sign up to help out in The Move, sign up is in-Hub on the #NextHub door: we need help packing on Dec 22-24 and unpacking and setting up the new space on Dec 27-30. We open at Oosterpark (Mauritskade 63 at the back of the KIT, entrance under the Grand Tropen cafe) on January 2, 2017.


Sketch of the new event space


Sketch of one of the meeting rooms


Sketch of the new kitchen