Following on last week’s first team deep dive into our new Impact Hub-to-be space at KIT, yesterday we had our first community site visit and co-creation session. In line with Impact Hub’s collaborative spacemaking philosophy and practice, it was an important step to capture member initial impressions and understand ‘what triggers you about and in this space?. Through a series of experiential exercises, members self-guided through the raw space (pre-renovations), offered insights into feelings and ideas, and mapped our user journeys. Of course such a process an raise more questions than answers – and so we were joined by AKKA Architects, who are are collaborating with in translating our collective vision for a next Hub into a practical and technical design to inform our renovations.


“It was really wonderful today, and very inspiring! I can only imagine the amount of work that was done behind the scenes… and I am so grateful for the Hub’s passion, commitment and inspiration. It’s going to be an amazing journey!” – Laura Grassi, Impact Hub member



Beyond imagining where one might sit, work and eat in their new habitat, Impact Hub members offered valuable perspectives on what an Impact Hub #NextLevel can mean for the community together. Aspirations include: creating synergies with KIT as a research institution on issues of the world, creating stronger ties with the local community in Oost, and making more visible the diversity and value of Impact Hub member projects and products.

Stay tuned!

Next #NextHub Community Co-creation session (members only) is on September 21 16.00-19.00, which will provide critical input tour renovation – get ready to roll your sleeves up!

We ask you to bring an object that for you represents your Impact Hub Amsterdam #NextLevel community and impact. See invitation and register here please.

Visit our #NextHub website to read all the ins-and-outs around our move!