Good news: Kuunda 3D will receive funding from the Impactmakers Fund for a pilot project testing 3D printer hubs in Tanzania! Kuunda 3D was selected out of seven outstanding submissions for the summer 2015 funding round of the recently started fund.
Beth Rogers, founder of Kuunda 3D, says “I would first like to thank the Fund members for their support and for selecting Kuunda 3D to receive funding. I am also grateful to the facilitators and administrators of the Business Model Challenge program at Impact Hub – without participation in this program Kuunda 3D would not be where it now is. The 10k will be used to fund a pilot project in Tanzania in late 2015 in which Kuunda 3D will take a 3D printer to a rural village, train locals and develop the first education programs for Tanzanian professionals and students”. The funding consists of a 2 year loan of ten thousand euros.


Kuunda 3D

Beth Rogers is the founder of Kuunda 3D, a Dutch-based start-up that provides access to 3D printing technology to innovators and entrepreneurs in developing countries so they can do their jobs better. Kuunda 3D empowers professionals, students and entrepreneurs through hands-on training & education programs as well as sales of high quality 3D printers and plastic filament. Impact is made as infrastructure gaps in manufacturing and distribution are circumvented to create products and solutions locally – we simply provide the access and know-how so innovators can solve very local problems, improving their communities and countries. 

Funding to help you start, grow, and scale

The Impactmakers Fund was founded to encourage more #Impactmakers to start, grow, and scale. Here, social entrepreneurs who are members of Impact Hub’s entrepreneurial ecosystem can submit a proposal for an impact investment. The idea must be enterprising and have a positive impact on society. People with a great business case and little means can submit a proposal for a favourabe loan. By investing through loans, the Impactmakers Fund will be a revolving and therefore sustainable fund.

Fund it forward

Nice to know: the money of the Impactmakers Fund is raised by Impact Hub members through the crowdfunding campaign in 2013 and by partners of Impact Hub Amsterdam. By members, for members, that’s why the slogan Fund it forward is right on spot!

Apply for the next round

The next financing round will be in early 2016; the deadline for application is the first of February. The fund looks for entrepreneurs who have a great idea but no means to take the next necessary step. If you have an initiative that fits the following criteria for funding, please apply!

· Short term investment (3 years)
· In form of a loan of max. €1,000 – €10,000
· For business/entrepreneurial development
· For a Dutch-based entrepreneur
· With a clear start and endpoint
· A positive impact as result (on the world, on your community and on your income)
· A profitable business model (to be possible to pay back the loan with gift to the Fund)
· Innovative concept
· Powerful collaboration


For more information and to apply for next year check here