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There are many urgent global issues that need to be addressed and systems that need to be transformed into new and better models. In 2015, the United Nations emphasised this urgency by adopting 17 Sustainable Development Goals that must be reached before 2030.

We believe that impact entrepreneurs play an important role in solving today’s societal challenges, and so do their support infrastructures. So we bring together various partners and cross-sector networks to build a strong impact ecosystem and accelerate the new economy.

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Impact Hub is a locally-rooted and globally-connected entrepreneurial network. Our members work towards enabling tangible positive impact in six impact areas, guided by the SDGs. Read on and meet some of these entrepreneurs.


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Our Stories section is home to member blogs and news from Impact Hub Amsterdam. Click through to read about learnings from peers on their impact journeys. You can also catch up from events and see what exciting things the Community is working on.