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Impactmaker of the month

Ruben Walker - African Clean Energy

Ruben Walker and his African Clean Energy team in Amsterdam, London and Lesotho have been working hard towards the world-wide launch of the ACE 1 cookstove, also testing it with Impact Hub members in the Westerpark this summer as a clean air, clean place BBQ - with USB phone charger port! Read more.

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From idea to start-up in 60 days. This challenge offers you the know-how, peers, network and tools to make it happen. Do you have a great business idea that will make a great impact on the world? Join the Business Model Challenge! The participant that demonstrates the strongest case of validating his/her business idea in the market wins a prize worth €5000,-!


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Hubdate October 2014 

With $ 1 trillion to be released for impact investment, an increase in social entrepreneurship on a global scale is a fact. The demand for ideas is high. In this Hubdate you find a preview of one of our international scaling BENISI program participants. As well as what starting members have to offer. What I have noticed is a lot of high quality self-employed are changing course to contribute to a more meaningful bottom line. Is this a generation thing? However, we are seeing radical shift to early flirting with the social impact making field. Especially interesting is the tension that arises in the quality of the impact versus the size of the impact realised. Is something better than nothing? We need movement from all players to enable entrepreneurs who drive society forward. Alex Soskin, co founder Impact Hub Westminster highlights the topic in HuffPost. I like to put my self on the same line while remaining modest, with a professional background in fashion photography and in corporate PR. We are all pioneers on a personal journey. Sympathy, irritation and understanding are part of it. While we move forward to make positive impact through social enterprise, may I suggest we conquer our fear of sales and not forget the impact possibility through our own community and programs.

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