"What's the infrastructure for realising innovative ideas?"

Impact cannot happen in isolation, it requires collective action. At Impact Hub you can access the resources, knowledge and talent to move your initiatives for a better world forward. We are a launch pad and incubator for impactmakers – those who combine the rigour of the entrepreneur with the passion of the activist. Connect with a vibrant community, work with other pioneers, meet in inspiring spaces, learn about how to make change happen and grow your business. Join a unique ecosystem where people and organisations thrive and are committed to building a more sustainable world.

Impactmaker of the month

Niels Koldewijn - Elos Nederland

Elos Nederland uses the Oasis Game - a Brazilian method - to empower neighbourhoods. The game brings profound results in terms of people’s self-esteem and the feeling that they can determine their own future. Elos Nederland is scaling up for a bigger impact. You are invited to join them on this journey. Read more...

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60-Day Challenge

From idea to start-up in 60 days. This challenge offers you the know-how, peers, network and tools to make it happen. Do you have a great business idea that will make a great impact on the world? Join the 60-Day Challenge! The participant that demonstrates the strongest case of validating his/her business idea in the market wins a prize worth €5000,-!

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Upcoming Events


Impact Night

Apr 22 @ 7 - 10pm | donation

Get ready to meet some great new people, hear some great ideas and have an inspiring evening!
Impact Hub and Teach2Fish have joined forces to create a great workshop-filled evening especially for you. Join!

Impact Night

This event is co-organised by Impact Hub Amsterdam and Nyenrode University. Reserve your seat!


The virtue of having peers

HUBdate April 2014Are you surrounded by people that help you develop your ideas? We can't do all our learning on our own. Plus it is more fun to share your learning experience! So why not connect with some of your peers?

Your peers could be in the same stage of development or interested in the same topic. Connecting to new people with different frames of reference is stimulating and helps you get those creative juices flowing again. Read more...

The virtue of having peers