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Under the Young Impactmakers umbrella, Impact Hub Amsterdam, Starters4Communities and partners support talented young people who want to do good while doing business, either by starting their own impact enterprise or by collaborating with organisations working towards a better world.

In addition to hosting sessions every second Tuesday of the month at the Impact Hub, Young Impactmakers gives you everything you need to take your talent and ambition to the next level - from hands-on workshops and matchmaking events, to a strong network, problem-solving power, a testing stage, workshops and more!

With the Young Impactmakers we strengthen the social entrepreneurial ecosystem for young people.

We make impact in the following ways:

  • Connect aspiring social entrepreneurs - There are many young people dreaming of (co)founding a social enterprise but waiting for the right idea, team, moment or the courage. The Young Impactmakers Community brings them together and lowers the hurdles to get started.
  • Provide skills, inspiration & mindset - Entrepreneurial skills and mindset are much needed to become a successful impactmaker. Each session we help young people develop a positive mindset looking for opportunities and unexpected collaborations. Young people acquire new skills working with design tools and are inspired by speakers and peers.
  • Strengthen career and job opportunities - It can be difficult for starting professionals to get in the picture of potential employers or contractors. During our events we connect our Impactmakers to challenging assignments from social entrepreneurs and impact driven employers. Young Impactmakers get to profile themselves not by their C.V., but by showing what they are capable of.
  • A community shaped by young people - The Young Impactmakers community is co-designed and co-facilitated with the young people it set out to support. The community is led by a Taskforce consisting of 4 to 6 young people who play an active role in shaping and representing the community and organising the sessions.

Upcoming events:

Interesting things

Training Course Morocco

The exchange program designed for 30 local and international youth workers who are concerned with sustainable and human development through social entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship, which are considered as an alternative of civic engagement.

The participants learning experience will be supported by tools and methodologies on how to learn and acquire hard and soft skills to perform better in their personal and professional environment.

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Duurzame Jonge 100 - 2018

Op donderdag 7 juni vindt de feestelijke lancering van de Duurzame Jonge 100 van 2018 plaats bij Circl in Amsterdam en daar kan jij bij zijn! De DJ100 is een lijst van 100 jonge ondernemers, young professionals en studenten die laten zien dat duurzaamheid mogelijk is!

Ze experimenteren met radicale innovaties, nieuwe businessmodellen of een duurzame levensstijl en maken daarmee maatschappelijke impact. Het interactieve lanceringsevent is een unieke kans om geïnspireerd te worden en het gesprek aan te gaan met dé duurzaamste jonge koplopers van Nederland!

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Gives & Need Marketplace

Did you know you are only 6 handshakes away from Barack Obama?

Are you ready to make our collective networks work for you and meet the people to fast track your project or business!? Come and join Young Impactmakers & Circle Economy on their ‘gives & needs’ marketplace.

During this marketplace, we will share our network & skills in a very easy way to help all impactmakers reach their potential. Simply share your need on the 22nd of June at the ‘Gives and Need Marketplace’ booth and be amazed at how much can happen.

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