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How Starters4Communities Embarked On the Road To Success

Starters4Communities, known as S4C, believes in a better world in which societal issues are tackled by bottom up and entrepreneurial approaches. Manon Becher founded S4C to support young professionals that are struggling to find their spot in the labour market… More

What is Instock’s recipe for success?

Instock Turns Food Waste Into Delicious Meals Interview with Freke van Nimwegen, co-founder of Instock   By: Nadine Maarhuis – 03/03/2016   Instock puts food waste on the map in the most fun, creative, accessible and delicious way. In between… More

#Interview: Huib van der Gijspaarden – Koneksie

By: Nadine Maarhuis Right out of high school, Huib became an entrepreneur. At the age of 29, he decided to get a degree after all. He chose development economics, because he felt the urge to contribute to societal problems: ‘’Just… More

#Interview: Pascale Moreau – Sustainable Apparel Coalition

When we hear the expression “achieving scale”, thoughts of big, bold international brands come to mind. But the non-profit Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) is looking to use that same term with those same brands in order to achieve its own… More

#Interview: Wendelien Hebly – Yoni

By Jeff Funekotter We recently sat down for a discussion with one of the pioneers (ok, THE pioneer) of the EU Benisi and Scaling program at the Impact Hub Amsterdam.   In early 2015, Wendelien Hebly, along with her business… More