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NewCo Amsterdam – highlighting Impact Hub

Tatiana Glad – We stand for collaborative entrepreneurship Introduction The seed of Impact Hub was planted ten years ago, in the township of Soweto, South Africa. A successful local community project made a profound impact on 4 people from London.… More

The Investment Ready Program is Live!

On July 17th, we officially launched the Investment Ready Program at Impact Hub Amsterdam. It was full house. With an interested crowd of entrepreneurs, as well as investors and partners, we explored what it takes to become investment ready. On… More

Peer-driven investment for impact ventures

Impact ventures play a vital part in the adoption of green and inclusive technologies, policies and behaviours. But in order to have real impact, they need to scale globally. This requires serious investment. So what does it take for impact… More

The Leonardo Program: Learning the Ins & Outs of Entrepreneurship

Just recently, eight young people from Birmingham travelled to Amsterdam to learn about the ins and outs of being an entrepreneur. By gaining work experience at an enterprise and working on their own business idea, they hope to establish a… More

Merel’s 60-Day-Challenge

Having prospered herself from the tenets of heightened awareness, it has become Merel van der Lande’s ultimate wish to help people in their pursuit to heightening awareness. In doing so, she hopes to inspire people to surrender to this process.… More

Holding Space in Venezuela – Meet Impact Hub Caracas

Venezuela is in the news again. Or is it? While protests have taken place for months and conflict has been part of Venezuelan life for years, it was the e-mail we received from our sister Hub, Impact Hub Caracas, on… More

What You Want To Do, But Really Don’t Want To Do

“People believe that you can use your fantasy to envision anything you want, but that’s not true. You can only conceive what comes up in your mind”. This is what Dutch comedian Micha Wertheim shared in an interview in Kunststof.… More

Teach2Fish: “If it wasn’t for the 60 Day Challenge, Teach2Fish would’ve probably never transpired”.

Founder Karim Mareek laid the basis of teach2fish during the 60-Day Challenge in which he participated a year ago. Since then, his enterprise has altered course. Read more