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The Sharing Economy – Interview Harmen van Sprang

Harmen van Sprang: “The sharing economy is all about the products and services that lead to a happy, sustainable and connected life”   Harmen van Sprang, was working as a freelance innovation consultant in 2013, when he started going to… More

#NextHub Shaping the Space for Real Needs

This is the fun part! It’s a chance for our team to come together and imagine our Next Hub… what if we could change that? what if we could do this? It’s also a chance for the space to speak… More

Collaborative Spacemaking and #NextHub

On Thursday August 18th we have the first opportunity for our members to visit our new Hub-to-be location. It is always exciting to see the “before” state when a new Impact Hub exists only in one’s imagination! The beauty of… More

Biobrandstof vs Elektrische auto’s: De Race Is Begonnen

Door: Bram Pauwels, 1 juni 2015   Met het de aankomende VN Klimaattop 2015 in Parijs aan de horizon reflecteren we kritische waar we staan met de klimaatdoelen die gesteld zijn. Zo een greep uit de voornemens: “In 2050 is… More

Peer-driven investment for impact ventures

Impact ventures play a vital part in the adoption of green and inclusive technologies, policies and behaviours. But in order to have real impact, they need to scale globally. This requires serious investment. So what does it take for impact… More

Teach2Fish: “If it wasn’t for the 60 Day Challenge, Teach2Fish would’ve probably never transpired”.

Founder Karim Mareek laid the basis of teach2fish during the 60-Day Challenge in which he participated a year ago. Since then, his enterprise has altered course. Read more

What design thinking can do for social impact

An Interview with Emer Beamer Emer Beamer is the founder of Unexpect, an interactive training program in which young people are taught design research skills and creative thinking. Previously, she co-founded social design studio Butterfly Works in Amsterdam and Nairobits… More