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Meet Jack | A meat-free food line starring young jackfruit

During our Business Model Challenge (BMC) we help entrepreneurs turn their ideas for a better world into scalable business models. Meet Jack won our 13th BMC with their juicy alternative to meat starring young jackfruit. Learn how the BMC helped… More

Investment Ready Alumni Share their Stories

The 2018-2019 edition of Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Investment Ready Program (IRP) was won by Jack Bean! Entrepreneurs Mathijs Huis in ’t Veld and Pepijn Schmeink aim to ease the transition towards a more plant-based diet with their plant-based fast cuisine… More

Impact Entrepreneurs in Action

Building an impact business, not to mention an impact market, is no walk in the park. On 20 June, during Impact Hub’s WeMakeThe.City event, Entrepreneurial Solutions for a Sustainable City, more than 30 impact entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs rolled up their… More

Meet the Dopper Changemaker Challenge Winners!

Roos Kolkman wins by launching open-source packages for plastic education For the third edition of their Changemaker Challenge, Dopper decided to go international! They have asked Impact Hub Amsterdam, Impact Hub Berlin and Impact Hub King’s Cross (London) to help… More

Meet the participants of the Business Model Challenge #16

The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. Read about the participants… More

Impact financiers join forces in the Integrated Capital Network

Today, Generous Minds and Impact Hub Amsterdam are launching the Integrated Capital Network, a growing group of impact-driven financiers who meet during monthly Integrated Capital Labs. These labs focus on supporting impact entrepreneurs with funding and expertise to grow their… More

SDG Meetup #7 | Climate Action x Fashion Revolution Week

Our seventh SDG Meetup, which took place during the 2019 Fashion Revolution Week, was a special edition in collaboration with Fashion Revolution. Together with speakers from sustainable denim pioneers G-Star Raw and the Circle Textiles initiative of Circle Economy, we… More

SDG Meetup #6: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Our monthly SDG Meetups are a collaboration with SDG House and C-Change. For each Meetup, we focus on one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and invite entrepreneurs, innovators and knowledge partners to share lessons learned from working toward that specific goal.… More

Meet the Participants: Business Model Challenge Plastics Edition

The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. This particular BMC edition… More

Sustainable Travels

by Isabella Krammer The problem with global tourism Tourism accounts for about 5% of global carbon emissions, which are mainly caused by intensive air travel and accommodation heating, air-conditioning, and more. In addition to tourism’s climate impact, year-round overcrowding in… More

Conservation unusual — innovating for nature

Fresh from Impact Hub’s 2019 Global Social Innovation Festival in Florianópolis, Cristianne Close, acting WWF Markets Practice Lead, and Tatiana Glad, Director of Impact Hub Amsterdam and Impact Hub Global Board member, share WWF and Impact Hub’s entrepreneurial journey, and… More

Meet the Startups | Impact the Food Chain Accelerator

The Impact the Food Chain Accelerator, which is part of our Food Ecosystem, is a 5-month program for impact entrepreneurs who work on the transition to a more a sustainable food system. We’ve selected 12 startups that focus on shorter… More

How the Art of Hosting can help you innovate

With our Art of Hosting | Collaborating for Change training in August fast approaching, we talked to Maria Scordialos, who is one the initiators of this leadership practice and part of our core training team. Maria shares why the Art… More

SDG Meetup #5 | Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Our fifth SDG Meetup focused on SDG 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure. Investment in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development. That’s why SDG 9 encourages building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialisation, and fostering… More

Reduce Your Food Waste

Written by Young Impactmaker Isabella Krammer Our food waste problem Almost 90 million tonnes of food worth €143 billion are wasted across the EU each year, with households responsible for more than half of this huge amount of waste. Meanwhile,… More

Grow your impact business from your new Impact Hub desk!

Want to grow your business and positive impact? Need an inspiring co-working space? You’re in luck: we have team desks available for you and your colleagues! The desks are suited to teams of 2 or 4 people at a cost… More

SDG Meetup #4 | Gender Equality

For the fourth edition of our SDG Meetup series, organised with C-Change and SDG House, we explored SDG 5: Gender Equality, which aims to empower all women and girls around the world. Although strides have been made to reduce discrimination… More

Building a City Ecosystem for Impact

Building a City Ecosystem for Impact A partnership between the City of Amsterdam and Impact Hub Amsterdam In 2015, the City of Amsterdam and Impact Hub Amsterdam started a relationship to share ideas, networks, actions and reflections to make the… More