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Looking for people passionate about building a radically better world and for the right tools to fuel your impact business? Look no further! Become a member of Impact Hub and start connecting with changemakers across The Netherlands and around the globe! Sign up now

We bring together different actors that would otherwise not meet and exchange. The collaborative nature of our communities creates connections that not only increases your social capital, but also helps you to accelerate your growth and boost your impact – all for €20 per month. New members can choose between signing up for our quarterly and annual membership.


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Since 2008, we are the on-line and on-live homebase for thousands of ambitious and impact focused people who want to make the world a better place. How can you benefit?


At Impact Hub we want to make sure you will learn from the best. With the help of individual experts and thought leaders we host free masterclasses and knowledge sharing events. This way you and your startup will get the right tools to make your impact business a success.

  • Free access to masterclasses
  • Knowledge sharing events and get access to experts
  • Have your say and contribute to the largest annual impact entrepreneurship study


Collaboration is proving to be crucial in solving the biggest challenges of our time. In our diverse network we work together towards a new economy that works in service of people and the planet. Get connected with the Hub network and become a part of our community of changemakers where you will meet 17.000+ like-minded peers, mentors, partners, investors, experts and friends from around the world.

  • Hub network: meet mentors, partners, investors, experts, friends
  • Have a global passport to connect with a welcoming community and cowork a day or two at any Impact Hub you visit around the world!
  • Global community app: 17.000 fellows in 50 countries
  • Hosted LinkedIn groups
  • New in the field: peer-to-peer groups


Are you ready to make an impact but in need of some extra inspiration and support? We got your back. When you become a member of the Impact Hub community you will receive pro bono business support, including legal, finance and branding. You can also sign up for our acceleration programs (extra fee; ranging from €200 to €1500) to give your business an extra boost.

  • Pro bono business support, including legal, finance and branding
  • Acceleration Programs (extra fee; ranging from 200 to 1500 euro)
Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action.