Startup Visa

Do you want to start an impact business in The Netherlands? Does your business bring an innovative solution to Dutch market? Then you have come to right place. Impact Hub Amsterdam is one of the Startup Visa facilitators officially recognised by The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), which also evaluates each startup’s application.

The Startup Visa at a glance

Since 2015, a new regulation enables ambitious entrepreneurs from non-EU countries to apply for a temporary residence permit for the Netherlands, which offers you one year to bring an innovative business to the Dutch market. To obtain this permit, having a facilitator recognised by the RVO is essential.

To find out more, watch this short clip by Startup Amsterdam.

How do we support you in your Startup Visa application?

  • Our Startup Visa coordinator will give you support throughout the Startup Visa process and check in with you regularly;
  • We offer a comprehensive review of your business model, including feedback on topics such as feasibility, organisational setup and implementation timelines. You will also receive a final evaluation;
  • We advise you on Dutch market trends by drawing from our team’s vast experience in helping more than 1,000 enterprises start, grow and scale;
  • We invite you to join one of our incubator or accelerator programs to help you grow into a successful startup;
  • We give you access to our collaborative co-working space and an Impact Hub membership, which includes free monthly business development workshops;
  • Optionally, we can offer you 1-on-1 support sessions with experts from our network.

What are we looking for?

  • You comply with IND Norms for a Startup Visa;
  • You have solid entrepreneurial skills as shown by previous experience;
  • You have a viable business plan, which you will be able to deliver within a year;
  • You can develop an impact-driven product or service that is currently not available on the Dutch market;
  • Your business has both financial and social or environmental goals, which you can describe in detail and quantify;
  • You already have a support network in The Netherlands. This is not a requirement, but it can significantly contribute to the success of your business.

  • Have more questions? Read our FAQ.

Startup Visa packages

We offer several packages, which can be expanded with optional add-ons. All packages include an acceleration program, an Impact Hub Amsterdam membership, and a final evaluation. Prices start at €3,417.

Ready to launch your impact business on the Dutch market with Impact Hub Amsterdam as your Startup Visa facilitator?

These are the next steps:
  • Fill in the application form
  • Meet with Impact Hub Amsterdam, either in person or over Skype if you are located abroad;
  • A decision will be made about whether we can act as your facilitator based on the selection criteria.


Any questions? Contact Romee Erens, Innovation Sourcing Specialist at Impact Hub Amsterdam.

Previous Startup Visa entrepreneurs

Kyla Hagdorn (USA) | Anulife
Kyla developed Anulife, a nutrient-dense, plant-based protein concentrate from the Moringa tree that provides an alternative to resource-intensive proteins like animal and soy. The neutral-tasting and water-soluble concentrate is a branded ingredient that is sold to manufacturers of meat alternatives, cereals, infant formulas, beverages and much more. Fun fact: Kyla took part in the Business Model Challenge and the Impact the Food Chain Accelerator!

Ajay Varadharajan (India) | HabitSwapp (previously GreenerU)
Ajay is the founder of Habitswapp, a 100% carbon neutral online grocery app that automatically tracks and measures the impact of all aspects of consumer lifestyles. By quantifying the sustainability performance of various consumer activities, the app makes it possible to compare these and recommend improvements that allow users to make greener and more affordable choices.

Labe Orloff (USA) | Cultcha Kombucha
Cultcha Kombucha was founded to develop a product that maintained the absolute integrity of Kombucha: live cultures and maximum probiotic health benefits. Cultcha Kombucha is an elixir that is made out of high-quality ingredients, while remaining as sustainable as possible. From their carefully selected (recyclable) packaging to their minimalist aesthetic: Cultcha Kombucha represents the synergistic effect of growing together within a community.