Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action.

Hub Solve is where pioneers gather to solve wicked problems. Triggered by concerns about the pressing issues in our society, Hub Solve responds by convening the talents of diverse impactmakers to illuminate what is possible, discover alternative ways forward, and generate impact through tangible prototypes.

Hub Solve is not about ‘solving problems’ but about thinking and acting differently -  clients are not just customers; they are partners in creating sustainable futures in business and society.

Our Approach

Hub Solve initiatives range from a one-off event to a longer-term project. We do this through
- accessing a pool of talent, thought-leadership and best practices through the Impact Hub network, locally and globally
- creating lab spaces for inspiration and experimentation
- applying the Impact Hub design approach, social technologies and entrepreneurial support mechanisms
- co-creating with our client-collaborators

For example, see our work in Collaborative Space-making, Pop Up Hubs, and Innovation & Action Labs


Through its own experience, Hub Solve offers collaborative space-making for organisations and places that wish to build community and community ownership of their physical space.

This involves hosting a collaborative Design & Make process, combined with the Art of Hosting, to transform the way people interact with each other and to enable ongoing innovation and participatory leadership within.

Our new Impact Hub at the Westerpark is an example of collaborative space-making, involving our community in the design, build and inhabitation phases.


A Pop Up Hub is a hosted space at a conference, exhibition, festival or public city event that is designed to facilitate a collaborative space where entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers come together to realize their ideas for a sustainable society.

Hub Solve adds value by consciously hosting connections, harvesting meaningful encounters, and linking to the outside world through livestream and social media as relevant to the event.

We have popped up at city design weeks, social impact and sustainability conferences, client-specific events, and - most recently - for the European Commission at a gathering of almost 2000 social economy players from across Europe.


“Where are you stuck?” Moving through today’s compelling social challenges means fostering new mindsets, new skills and a culture of social, economic and ecological innovation rooted in systemic-thinking.

Starting with a client-collaborator’s “trigger” or need around an issue that matters, Hub Solve draws on the multi-disciplinary talent in its network combined with our incubation and acceleration expertise to find new ways forward and activate solutions prototypes.

Our next Innovation Lab is exploring how collaboration between politicians, civil servants and social innovators can align and activate solutions for urban renewal.


Pop up Hub

In November 2013 we were invited by Alterra-Wageningen to turn the second day of their Groene Golflengte event at the stunning Radio Kootwijk building into a Pop Up Hub. 



TILT back: Growing out of the Hub co-design experience over several years, Oliver Marlow returns to work with us on collaborative space-making our own Impact Hub Amsterdam. Read his reflection.