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Activate sustainability

How do you run your business in a more sustainable way? What are the most effective opportunities? We help you identify the essentials and take concrete steps. Our heart lies in impact making through entrepreneurship. Guided by 15 years of experience in sustainable entrepreneurship, a pragmatic mindset, and our global network of sustainable innovations, we help you future-proof your business. CONTACT US>



Our CIRCO tracks activate entrepreneurs and creative professionals to (re)design products, services and business models in order to conduct circular business. One example is the Building Schools track; the demands placed on school buildings are increasing. There are many circular opportunities, such as extending the lifespan and reuse of building components. This requires new business models, new forms of collaboration, and new circular designs that get mapped and prepared during the CIRCO track.


As part of their ‘Mission-75’ activities, waste processor and recycling company Renewi has joined forces with Impact Hub Amsterdam to find innovators and startups providing upcycling and innovative circular solutions to their waste processing flows.


Ampera Park

Ampera Park transforms gray parking lots into green havens, where your car can be charged, and energy is generated. The company wanted an app for clients to reserve a charging station. Impact Nation matched them with India-based Static, which already provided a similar service. Their app is now as good as complete.


We begin with a workshop to make a thorough analysis of your company and identify your main opportunities for improving sustainability.

We make a worldwide analysis of what’s going on, and elaborate on potential avenues for innovation, making it clear where the opportunities are for your company to innovate and grow.

Together with your team, we draw up a pragmatic plan to take efficient steps in improving your company’s sustainability and innovation.

The roadmap serves as a basis for us to support you in the implementation during an impact innovation program.


SMEs, Large Organisations (corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental ), Investors, Innovation managers, Head of R&D, Investor managers worldwide, New business developers, Product developers. 



Our ecosystems are focused on circularity, food, inclusion, and fashion, additionally we help other business areas aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.



01. Discover the impact opportunities for your company.


02. Entrepreneurial, pragmatic approach.



03. We take the work off your hands.


04. Improve your success rate.

We map out the opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation in a clear and pragmatic manner.


Our heart is in making an impact through entrepreneurship. With fifteen years worth of entrepreneurial experience, a pragmatic approach, and our worldwide network of sustainable companies, we will help you on the path to sustainability. 


We often work with companies that have their own innovation teams. Not only do we take work off your hands, we’re often intimately familiar with the innovations. This will help you stay up to date on the latest developments, and introduce you to innovations that are easy to miss.


We build your team’s knowledge about impact and innovation trends & implementation possibilities in your sector. With our proven approach, you can get hands-on right away, while we also help you gain better insight in the style of sustainable innovation that’s most suited to you.