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Make your SME future proof

Would you like to implement sustainability in your business? We help you to make your first steps in the field or assess where you are in your journey. What are your biggest opportunities? From connecting to the best impact innovations to working on making your products more sustainable, we can guide you through.

Read up on impact

We share the latest research on impact led in collaboration with our clients and partners. Read our publications on key topics and industries, such as the agrifood industry, a resilient economy, or discover sustainable solutions in our Impact Nation reports.

Take action on sustainability

Want to take your first steps toward, or understand where you are on your sustainability journey? You have questions, and we support you to find answers. 

You want to know how to get started on sustainability, how to position your business model through your sustainability goals and make a profit while doing so. Perhaps you want to make your operations more sustainable or to launch a new product with circularity in mind. Read below how we help you.

Connect to innovators

We have strong connections to the global innovation community who can help you to implement innovations that make the future of your business more sustainable. Give us an innovation challenge and our experienced scouting team will find companies that can help you solve it!