Impact Hub is a great learn environment - for all impactmakers!


Want to be more innovative in your work? Impact Hub Amsterdam is an open learn environment and thus a great place for professional development.
We currently run several programmes for intrapreneurs: professionals in bigger organisations with an entrepreneurial mind trying to stay or become innovative. From masterclasses, Start Me Up tours to partner membership allowing you access to the local and global network of 11,000+ social entrepreneurs at Impact Hub.


Solve Labs - Thinking and acting differently

Impact cannot happen in isolation. It requires collective action.

Hub Solve is where pioneers gather to solve wicked problems. Triggered by concerns about the pressing issues in our society, Hub Solve responds by convening the talents of diverse impactmakers to illuminate what is possible, discover alternative ways forward, and generate impact through tangible prototypes.

Hub Solve is not about ‘solving problems’ but about thinking and acting differently – clients are not just customers; they are partners in creating sustainable futures in business and society.

Find out more what makes our approach unique.

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