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Circular economy

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Anne Pleun van Eijsden

Paper on the Rocks has developed notebooks made from the revolutionary Cradle-to-Cradle ‘stone paper’. Which is made of s…

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closing the loop cropped

Joost de Kluijver

Do you want your telecom policy to reduce electronic waste in emerging markets, rather than add to it? Closing the Loop'…

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Tonnis Hooghoudt

Ioniqa is a high tech chemical company developing, customizing, producing bespoke Magnetic Smart Materials & Separation P…

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freke 2

Freke van Nimwegen

One third of food production is wasted. That comes down to a worldwide wastage of 1.3 billion tonnes per year! Food waste occ…

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Mark Kulsdom

Dutch Weed Burger is organising a mutiny in the fast food industry to show business, politics, NGOs, farmers and consumers th…

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Rebecca Wiering & Jennifer Breaton

Zeewaar founded the 1st seaweed farm in the Netherlands in 2013 and that was the first step in the development of what they c…

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Pien ter Hoeven

Food and drink is the fuel everyone lives on, but clients and organisations often have enough on their heads, so food does no…

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Wendelien Hebly & Mariah Mansvelt Beck

Yoni is on a mission to revolutionise the tampon industry. They are all about rethinking periods and breaking taboos. Yoni be…

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Judith Walker & Ruben Walker

African Clean Energy is on its way to create a worldwide cooking revolution. Cooking on open fires has severe 

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Suzanne Smulders

Borrow your clothes at LENA. Their collection. Your wardrobe. Always the right outfit! The fashion industry is the second mos…

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ellen cropped

Ellen Mensink

Loop.a life makes beautiful and sustainable fashion fundamentals of top quality. They find much more important than offering …

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baptiste sac

Baptiste Carriere-Pradal

SAC focuses on transforming the industry so that everyone can benefit from reduced risk as well as efficiency in the future. …

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