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Impact Hub has more than 12 years of experience in co-creating, launching, and running online and on-location entrepreneurship training programs, coaching trajectories, and masterclasses. Together with your organisation we design tailored, modular programmes to boost impact solutions, including sustainable products, services, materials, and technologies.

We also help you test your innovations in real time, bring these to market, and set new standards in your sector – whether corporate, governmental or nonprofit.


Define your impact challenge and goals | Whether your organisation wants to boost intrapreneurship, launch accelerators or source innovations, our design workshops help you identify pressing impact challenges, set clear goals, and build a strong foundation for your impact initiatives.

Impact Nation, an initiative we created with ABN AMRO and The Next Web, offers 100-day programmes to help companies with the practical side of making their business more sustainable. Before scouting for solutions, these programmes begin with a three-hour workshop to pinpoint a company’s most critical sustainability challenge.


Crowdsource fast and effective impact solutions  | The path to solving impact and innovation challenges comes with its fair share of roadblocks. Overcome yours with our intensive hackathons, which help your organisation quickly develop innovative solutions to specific problems.

For instance, one of our clients wanted to incorporate small-scale suppliers into its logistics system and joined our two-day Fix Your Food hackathon to tackle this challenge with multidisciplinary teams of food professionals, designers, developers, and more.


Launch your impact innovation incubator | Is your organisation working on a new impact product, service or initiative? We will help you design, launch and run inhouse or external ideation and incubation programs. Ranging in length from one week to three months, our programmes offer a tailored mix of training, 1-on-1 coaching, and masterclasses. 


Accelerate long-term impact | If your organisation wants to speed up the transition to a new economy, our customised accelerators can make a real difference. Take your impact service, product or initiative to the next level with five- month programmes that provide a unique combination of training, peer-to-peer support, masterclasses, 1-on-1 coaching, and legal and strategy advice. 

OUR PAST INCUBATORS | Including the New Material Award Challenge we organised with Stichting DOEN to help designers develop business plans for their innovative products, and the Organic Food for Climate Challenge we launched with Wessanen to support sustainable food entrepreneurs in growing their business while combating climate change. Find out more here.
OUR PAST ACCELERATORS | Since 2018, ING Netherlands Foundation is the main partner of our Investment Ready Program (2013 - to date) for circular ventures. With Stichting DOEN and the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality we organised two editions of the Impact the Food Chain Accelerator (2019-2020) for sustainable food enterprises. And with WWF, we ran the Plastic Free Ocean Accelerator (2018) for startups tackling plastic waste. Find out more here.


Boost your collaborative and thought leadership | Our masterclasses will help you turn system transition theory into practical solutions, master effective collaboration methods, bring out the best in your team, and drive change in your organisation. We can also help position your organisation as a thought leader by co-developing a masterclass series focused on a particular impact or innovation topic.


Bring together current and future partners | Want to build an inspiring event around a specific impact or innovation issue? From sourcing keynote speakers to facilitating breakout sessions with experts and innovators from our network, we will help your organisation design events that generate new solutions and partnerships.