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Amplify your impact as an organisation

Are you a corporate, foundation, or NGO ready to step up to your next level? With over 12 years of experience in making a positive impact in the world, we are here to help you put the Sustainable Development Goals and impact you care about into tangible action.


Collaboration and sharing knowledge are key to transition towards a new economy. Do you want to share your knowledge with our network, support them in their journey towards a sustainable business through publications and learn from them as well? Contact us.


Would you like to drive engagement around a societal issue? Would you like to identify new opportunities to make an industry more sustainable? Or would you like your colleagues or employees to be passionate advocates for sustainable best practices in your business? 

We build on best practices to inspire your stakeholders and to identify your opportunities to implement a programme of sustainable innovations and improvements.  Our formats are designed to inspire, engage and produce action.

Innovative solutions

Are you looking for the best solutions for climate change, biodiversity loss, inequality, or another societal issue? We know where to find them. Impact Hub Amsterdam sources the world’s most impactful startups with innovative solutions and matches them to your innovation program or competition. Our clients include ABN Amro, ING, EY, Tommy Hilfiger, Pernod Ricard, Postcode Lotteries, Cartier, Roche, WWF, City of Amsterdam, and Province of North-Holland.

Accelerate Solutions

Impact Hub has more than 12 years of experience in co-creating, launching, and running online and on-location entrepreneurship training programs, coaching trajectories, and masterclasses. Together with your organisation we design tailored, modular programmes to boost impact solutions, including sustainable products, services, materials, and technologies.