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Realise your own growth and that of others

The Impactmakers Fund encourages more #Impactmakers to start, grow, and scale. Here, social entrepreneurs  who are members of the Impact Hub entrepreneurial ecosystem can submit a proposal for an impact investment.
Purpose Impactmakers Fund
We provide financial support in a way that inspires entrepreneurs to realise their own enterprising ideas for sustainable impact and those of others. Impactmakers Fund encourages more impactmakers to get started or scale up. People with a great business case and little means can submit a proposal for an Impactmakers investment. The idea must be enterprising and have a positively social impact on society.
Opportunity for funding
We see a future where people take collaborative action for a better world. Impact Hub is the ecosystem that enables impactmakers to thrive. Here, impactmakers obtain access to knowledge about new business models, connect to a network of mentors and investors, have a values-aligned workplace, and become part of an inspiring community of impactmakers – in short, the right infrastructure in a complete ecosystem. Now, through the Impactmakers Fund those impactmakers who have an entrepreneurial view on making the world a better place can also get funding support.
For who?
We are looking for entrepreneurs who have a great idea but no means to take the next necessary step. We want to support  entrepreneurs who share our values:
  • Trust  We trust each other to do what we say we do. We may have different approaches but share an underlying positive intention and set of values.
  • Collaboration  We hold collaboration at the core of tackling complex issues. We welcome diversity and partner with like-minded organisations to make a meaningful difference.
  • Courage  We have the courage to walk the path less travelled. We honour the past and pioneer new solutions.
Deadlines for request
Every 6 months the Impactmakers Fund Board comes together to discuss the received requests. A request can be done through this online form. Next deadline for requests is: May 1 2016. Within two weeks you will receive notice. A short list of candidates will be selected to meet the board of the Impact Makers Fund on May 10, between 10:00 - 13:00. Please make a reservation in your agenda to be available.
  • Short term investment (3 years)
  • In form of a loan of max. €1,000 - €15,000
  • For business/entrepreneurial development
  • For a Dutch-based entrepreneur
  • With a clear start and endpoint
  • A positive impact as result (on the world, on your community and on your income)
  • A profitable business model (to be possible to pay back the loan with gift to the Fund)
  • Innovative concept
  • Powerful collaboration
How to apply?
  1. Make a clear project pitch (for example 3 minutes video or 1 page text)
  2. Test this pitch on one of the member hosts of Impact Hub to receive feedback about the possibility of a match with the Impactmakers Fund
  3. Fill in the request form for the Fund before one of the deadlines for request. Next deadline: May 1 2016 before 12.00 noon
Impactmakers Fund Board
The Impactmakers Fund is an autonomous entity (Dutch stichting) that is overseen by Impact Hub members for Impact Hub members, stewarding a community fund that was raised through the 2013 crowdfunding campaign and ongoing matched funding through personal and organisational donations. The Impactmakers Fund Board consists of three Impact Hub members that take place on the board for 2 - 4 years. The current Board is comprised of Saar Francken (chair), Thijs Verheugen (secretary) and Tim Stok (treasurer). Would you like to contact the board? Please contact Saar Francken saar[at]
As Impact Hub Amsterdam it is our mission to help impactmakers thrive. Impactmakers are people who have a great idea about how to face the challenges of our times, and then turn this idea into viable social businesses. Currently, we have around 300 impactmakers working from the Impact Hub, showing everyone another world is not only possible, it is already happening. More and more people join the movement by following these impactmakers, buying consciously and helping them succeed. The challenge is that for some impactmakers the threshold to invest money in their idea is too high. This means some of their great ideas remain untapped. As a community of people who care, we have decided we’d like to help them by providing project budgets through the Impactmakers Fund.
Support the fund

Donate a gift to the Impactmakers Fund. And share the link to this page with your friends on Facebook & Twitter or per email.

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