Membership Benefits

All memberships include:

  • A place to meet and connect with others who are working on solving global and local challenges through entrepreneurial action.
  • Share your asks, wins and offers with thousands of changemakers via our online community platform. The Community App connects you to members in Amsterdam and more than 60 Impact Hubs around the world.
  • Member Perks: offers & discounts exclusive to Impact Hub members and include everything from pro bono legal support, discounted photography, graphic design and web services through to free access or discounts on tools like Zoom, HubSpot and Invoice Ninja. Making use of our Member Perks can easily pay for the cost of a membership & then some!
  • Free access to Impact Hub Community events such as Workbenches, Feedback & Falafel, Community Drinks & SDG Meetups, just to name a few. Impact Hub members are often provided with the unique opportunity to present at or co-create events, expanding your reach and visibility to our broad network.
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi, fresh fruit, Frank About Tea & Dutch Harvest tea, and Moyee coffee when you’re working from the Hub.
  • Host your guests in Plaza for meetings of up to one hour for free, or book a meeting room with your members only discount. Your guests can also purchase day passes if they fall in love with the space & decide they’d like to stay to keep working!
  • Affordable, vegetarian Community Lunches where you can get to know new faces or catch up with familiar ones.

Your home office

Working from Impact Hub is a lifestyle choice for the builders of a new economy, offering a feeling of home while you work. In addition to the impressive list of perks above, Impact Hub Amsterdam memberships (except the Connect membership) give you access to:
  • spacious and green workspace in the beautiful Oosterpark. Go for a run in the park and make use of our shower facilities, have your team meetings on the grass or by the pond (still within Wi-Fi range), cook your own lunch in our kitchen, or have Community Lunch with your fellow Impact Hub members.
  • Plenty of different spaces to work from, including our Focus Room (shhhhh…), Co-work Space, Plaza, and phone & video call booths for those moments when you need a little extra privacy.
  • 30% discount on meeting room bookings.
If you'd like to become part of our community, but don't need space to work, we've got you covered: our Connect membership gives you access to all community perks and networking on Friday afternoons.