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Food Pioneers Program 2021

Our 6-month Village Food Pioneers Program helps startups to accomplish their business goals through various training sessions and guidance from coaches and experts. For the first time, Impact Hub Amsterdam, the Food Hub, and Flevo Campus professionals are combining strengths and networks within the food ecosystem to organise this program.

This years program dives into personal leadership, product prototyping, storytelling, and business modelling and provides Q&A sessions with food sector professionals, feedback rounds, and a pitch event. For the Village Food Pioneers Program #2021/2022, we have selected 21 participants from 15 exciting startups that make a positive impact on the food sector in various ways. See this video to learn more about the previous resident of the village community.


Urbanponics is a green-tech company that develops and implements new technologies and concepts connected to urban challenges. They create holistic new solutions, including the creation of their own plant nutrition.

Organic Green Gold

Organic Green Gold  is on a mission to cultivate Spirulina in the city by focusing on making it a sustainable export product that can feed the underfed properly.

Up top!

Up top! wants to increase the vegetable intake of Dutch consumers through vegetable-based toppings. By drying vegetables to preserve the nutritional content and using spices, Up top! wants to make the consumption of veggies more fun, tasty and colourful. 


Vegan Bear Chef

Vegan Bear Chef produces plant-based cheese for all the cheese lovers out there. The innovative cheese from the Vegan Bear Chef is made from potatoes, cauliflower, sweet potatoes & carrots.


UboTech is changing the foodservice industry by inventing a machine that customers can use to customise their fresh salad meals. A product that can be of service to cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and others.

Wim's Wafels

Wim’s Wafels reduces potato surplus by creating delicious vegan waffles, sold on social media and through their pop-up store.

Weide Kippen

Weide Kippen is on a mission to practice regenerative agriculture by using poultry and educate people about their philosophy. The goal is to provide a service where local farms are given priority, and members can access the freshest organic items available at a fair price.

Bram de Vos Studio

Bram de Vos Studio creates and develops concepts for how cities can become more local and self-sustained, including more natural landscapes, and what agricultural techniques can be implemented to develop locally producing cities.


Ayia is bringing organic and ethically sourced date sugar to the market. The desire is to translate the blessings of dates into a sugar substitute that provides the nutrition and wonderful flavour that has fueled middle easterners for the longest time.

The Second Starter

The Second Starter believes that there is nothing like food to help you make new friends, feel welcome, connect and integrate into a new society and culture. With a mission to accelerate the integration process of “New Netherlanders”, The Second Starts provides cooking workshops and food guidance as an innovative experience for people to emerge into a new culture.

SavFood brand

SavFood brand are pioneers in vegan & Asian curry ready meals with a mission to help the transition to a plant-based diet! SavFood wants to introduce the first Asian curry ready meals brand using healthy ingredients in traditional recipes from all over Asia.


Nudge creates organic slowjuice with ingredients directly from farmers. It is called ‘Nudge’ because it’s super healthy (made from veggies) but also fun! The juice can also be used to cook with and create fantastic cocktails.

ProVeg Nederland

ProVeg Nederland is a food awareness organisation working to transform the food system by replacing conventional animal-based products with plant-based and cultured alternatives. They are now launching ‘The Veggie Challenge App’ which companies can use to assist their staff in making better food choices.

Broodje Poep

Broodje Poep wants humans back in the food cycle by showing the worth of human faeces to the soil, the land and our food production. They restore the leak in the loop by promoting and stimulating circular sanitation. Broodje Poep are matchmakers in the food sector and design and create exciting concepts and ways to put this theme on the agenda.

Gaby van der Wens

Gaby participated in the Flevo Campus Summer School 2021, a 5-day food camp to learn more about the food transition to shape new solutions serving the future. With her pitch, Gaby won a spot in the program to further develop her idea: transforming a bus into a driving supermarket to serve locally produced food to a variety of neighbourhoods.