Whether you are an entrepreneur or intrapreneur, leadership and collaboration are essential skills for making a positive impact through your work.

Our masterclasses empower you to develop your participatory leadership skills, learn effective methods of collaboration, and translate theories of systems transition into practical solutions.

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Hosting Productive Collaborations Online

Online, 4, 5, 11 November 2020

How do we bring collaborative processes online and host conversations that matter? During the pandemic, the need for collaboration is as important as before. Some argue it is even more important, in order to reduce isolation. How can you do this successfully online? In this online masterclass, you will learn how to create the conditions for true online collaboration to happen in your context.

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The Impact Entrepreneurs | Masterclasses | Resilience Edition

6 Masterclasses to Start or Run a Successful Impact Business

Every successful business starts with a bright idea. Just think of these inspiring role models in the impact community: Willicroft, Klabu, Closing the loop, Yoni and Loop.a life… they were all only an idea once. These game-changers saw an opportunity and ran with it, and are all now making a real impact, covering multiple sustainable development goals, and spreading their product and services internationally! When the going gets tough – which is certainly true today – impact entrepreneurs need support to carry on making this amazing impact and stay resilient!

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Collaborative Leadership for Societal Innovation

[2020 edition postponed]

How can my organisation or network drive societal transformation? And what collaborative leadership capacities do I need to lead this transformation? In this experiential training, you’ll be guided by an international team of Art of Hosting practitioners to learn how to take collaborative action on the big issues that you and your organisation care about.

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Societal Transitions

[2020 edition postponed]

Become a change leader with our Societal Transitions masterclass! Increase your impact and lead change in your professional and personal environments with the fifth edition of our Masterclass Societal Transitions, which is co-created by the Impact Hub network and DRIFT Transition Academy.

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