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In nature, the most diverse ecosystems are the most resilient. Our society is just another ecosystem and the more diverse and inclusive we are, the better we survive and thrive.

Impact Hub’s overall mission is to solve societal challenges through entrepreneurial action. Our work on strengthening the Inclusion ecosystem takes our mission one step further, to ensure that these entrepreneurial and innovative solutions have a positive impact for all. This means that our entrepreneurial communities, companies, governments and NGOs should represent and reflect all of society, not just a select few.

Within the inclusion ecosystem, various topics are part of the conversation, such as immigration, (refugee) integration, discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, gender equality, disability, and poverty. When it comes to diversity and inclusion, many discussions about it are still in the dark. This is why the inclusion event calendar this autumn will boost events about #entrepreneurialsupport as well as #hostingdialogue. Only by practicing dialogue, we can strengthen the muscle of mutual respect and understanding. Read more below and become part of the ecosystem!

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9 October
Does your organisation embrace and foster diversity? Congratulations! You’re set to thrive. Research confirms that diverse teams are more innovative and outperform others. But inclusion is never happy with the status quo. Your mission is to change ever more lives and make inequality a thing of the past. How can you grow your impact — and connect more deeply with your team, your beneficiaries and your customers? More info & RSVP >>


23 October
In October we will host a special edition of our SDG Meetups, in which we focus on multiple SDGs that relate to one overarching theme: inclusion. We’ll dive into SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities, and SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, as all three of these goals have great potential to contribute to an inclusive society. More info & tickets >>



For the fourth edition of our SDG Meetup series, co-organised with C-Change and SDG House, we explored SDG 5: Gender Equality, which aims to empower all women and girls around the world. Although strides have been made to reduce discrimination against women and girls, gender inequality continues to hold women back and to deprive them of basic rights and opportunities. Read more >>


As local facilitator of EU Social Challenges, Impact Hub Amsterdam sourced innovations for a KIT Royal Tropical Institute challenge with the goal: Inclusion of visible minorities, newcomers and more diverse segments of our city population in our SDG House community. We scouted Amsterdam-based initiatives on diversity and inclusion, and organised information & innovation sessions to help these entrepreneurs finetune their solutions. One of these initiatives, Makers Unite, was awarded EUR 30K to pilot their solution in SDG House. Read their reaction here ( >

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