Impactmakers Fund


The Impactmakers Fund will grant up to €25.000 for an entrepreneurial initiative creating local social cohesion in Amsterdam.

You initiative should:
  • be compelling and pragmatic
  • enable people who are marginalised (i.e. economically, mentally, physically) in some way and/or lack independence
  • directly benefit people living in Amsterdam
  • be a tangible purchase/intervention and not just be seeking to pay for labour/consultancy i.e. equipment
  • be able to demonstrate how people are measurably better off from your intervention
  • have a business case

  • Applications are now closed. The winners will be announced soon.

    More about the Social Cohesion Grant

    This grant is not a subsidy but rather as a small financial injection to take your entrepreneurial initiative to the next level. We want to help an impact enterprise build its business and ability to sustain itself. Foundations with an earning model are also eligible. Your progress will be evaluated after a year of receiving the grant.

    This is for Amsterdam-based organisations. The Impactmakers Fund will evaluate the submissions and reserves the right to grant one or more initiatives for between €5.000 - €25.000.

    More about the Impactmakers Fund

    We finance your business idea for change

    The Impactmakers Fund grants soft loans ranging from €1,000 to €15,000 to early growth startups. Established in 2013 via a crowdfunding campaign, the Fund continues to benefit from the generous support of private donors and organisations committed to a more just and sustainable world. By paying back your loan you're paying forward an opportunity for another entrepreneur.

    Do you want to make a donation that enables positive change through the power of business? Please get in touch. It's possible to allocate your donation to achieving a particular Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) or to solving a specific societal challenge. Our team can work with you to earmark your contribution accordingly.

    Is your enterprise eligible for Impactmakers Fund financing?

    To qualify for a loan of up to €15,000, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You run an enterprise registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK)
  • You are a member of the Impact Hub network
  • You have passed your proof-of-concept stage
  • You are starting to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Your product or service helps solve a social or environmental challenge
  • You contribute to achieving one or more of the SDGs
  • Your revenue projections prove you can repay your loan in maximum 3 years
  • You are open to collaborate with other entrepreneurs and innovators

  • Does your startup fit the bill? Any pressing questions? Contact Anne Wernand, Chair of the Impactmakers Fund Board, to kick off your application process.

    The Impactmakers Fund team

    As a legal entity independent from Impact Hub, the Impactmakers Fund is a registered Dutch foundation (Stichting) run by Impact Hub members for Impact Hub community startups.

    The current Board consists of Anne Wernand (Chair) | Thijs Verheugen (Secretary) | Tim Stok (Treasurer) | Jeske Zonneveld (Impact Measurement Adviser).