Impact events

Environmentally and impact-focused events

We offer you the opportunity to organise events of all sizes that are environmentally and impact focused, where we are jointly responsible for the organisation and programme.

From 2-day indoor festivals, sit down dinners, workshops to business innovation breakfast meetings – we plan and execute the event, take responsibility for the creative, technical, and logistical elements and ensure your event is hosted responsibly. 

Impact Hub Amsterdam is located at the Oosterpark, our generous space has a beautiful view, plenty of daylight, sustainable interior design, and delicious sustainable food and beverages. Contact us to go through all the options. 

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“We were immensely satisfied - with the location, the amount of visitors and the atmosphere. Thank you for your enthusiasm, the great collaboration and thinking along with us.”
WITH THE BMW FOUNDATION, we co-designed a new, hybrid event, facilitated online and in-person at our Amsterdam venue. Good Life and Sustainable Cities was the first event in the foundation’s 2020 Denkraum series. Each Denkraum brings together leaders from the private, public and civil society sectors to explore how cities can address environmental, economic and social challenges.
IMPACT HUB AMSTERDAM was asked by Unilever to organise an inspiring event around the ‘future of work’. To inspire the HR team of Unilever, we invited our startups to present their businesses and talk about new ways of working. Startups included Straw by Straw, By the Ocean we Unite, and Loop.a life. In addition our Forum - that comes with XL whiteboards - facilitated the brainstorm sessions. During the day a personal host was available to guide the event and we made sure the event was provided by sustainable catering. This inspiring day ended with drinks and snacks from our food startups.