Challenging organisational fragmentation by stressing the importance of comprehensiveness within the design process. The innovative architecture by AKKA invites the users of a space to step up, take responsibility and act.

‘‘A building can create more comprehensive thinking when it’s designed for interactions and the users are recognized as experts in the way they use the space.’’

AKKA’s method, in which the actual users of the building are given a key role even before the designing starts, results in architecture, that fosters interactions and stimulates its users to create meaning. Because Impact Hub Amsterdam strongly believes in the vision of AKKA Architects, they hired them to co-design the space of Impact Hub Amsterdam at the Westerpark with the community.


‘‘Impact Hub offers more than a space: it offers real support for businesses. I can’t even tell how often Impact Hub Amsterdam team came knocking on our door saying I had to meet so-and-so. All of these meetings were spot on. It was never a waste of time. They connected us to so many people that truly enriched our work.’’

The Hub Effect. We…

Inspired AKKA to:
  • “Impact Hub gives us as a team a constant connection with a vast network rich of people who inspire us with their everyday struggles, wins and challenges.”
  • “In a very specific way, since AKKA Architects have co-designed the office space of Impact Hub Amsterdam, we are able on a daily basis to observe how people use one of our projects, and inspired to refine our plans as we go on.”
Enabled AKKA to:
  • put our vision and process of work, by having Impact Hub as a case study into practice in an actual project.
  • show our clients who visit us one of our built projects.
Connected AKKA to:
  • Numerous potential clients, collaborators and relevant events and initiatives.

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