What's on this month


Work hard, play hard Our very first Playtime is hosted by our member Thijs van Bemmel of BemBem. Join him for a fun speed skating round at the Jaap Eden rink! The rink entrance fee is €7,20. If you don’t… Read the rest

Open Kitchen

Cook first, then eat! Welcome to the second edition of our Open Kitchen series, hosted by our members Lieselotte van Belle and Anne Kemps of Yoni. Did you know that the word ‘company’ comes from the Latin ‘com’ (together) and… Read the rest

B2B and B2G sales – Videobutler shares key insights

Reach potential B2B & B2G customers with your impact business WHO IS THIS FOR: You run an impact-driven enterprise and wonder what works best when contacting potential clients. Questions you may have: ‘What organisations have most potential?’ // ‘How do… Read the rest

Special edition with Social Enterprise NL

You’re invited to the second of a series of co-hosted networking events by Impact Hub Amsterdam and Social Enterprise NL in Impact Hub’s Plaza, right next to the Oosterpark. Since both Impact Hub and Social Enterprise NL host large entrepreneurial… Read the rest

Circular Fashion Games

1 program | 2 bootcamps | 8 days | 12 masterclasses | 40 young talents from different disciplines all working towards 1 goal: a circular fashion sector. BEFORE YOU SIGN UP: You must be able to attend both bootcamps: in… Read the rest

Feedback & Falafel

Crowdsolve your challenge Stop trying to solve everything by yourself! Our community is made up of dozens of smart individuals who are happy to let you pick their brains. Bring your challenge into this facilitated, peer-to-peer lunch session during which … Read the rest

Liberating Structures

2-Day Immersion Workshop with Keith McCandless Ever seen people tuning out during a boring presentation or status update? Experienced a brainstorm where only a handful of people was actively involved, while the rest was busy checking their phone? Been part… Read the rest

What’s Hub

Curious about what goes on at Impact Hub? Every third Monday of the month we organize What’s Hub sessions to meet with you on that! During a What’s Hub you get to become an Impact Hub member for a day… Read the rest

Member Takeover

Each month, we dedicate an event to the entrepreneurial initiatives of our members. Are you ready to take over your Impact Hub for a night? Share your event idea with Yeliz, your Community Catalyst, and you might just hit the… Read the rest


Work hard, play hard Our Playtime sessions, which take place every fourth Friday of the month, will include activities ranging from DIY to sports, arts, culture and wellbeing! Join us to boost your productivity by taking a well-deserved break. Because… Read the rest