What's on this month

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp | Young Impactmakers

Your road to social entrepreneurship Will you use 2019 to work on your dreams, goals, mind and network? Explore the world of social intra- and entrepreneurship and find out what change you want to make! What to expect? The tools… Read the rest

SDG Meetup #4 | SDG 5

In January we’ll be focussing on SDG 5: Gender Equality. While some forms of discrimination against women and girls are diminishing, gender inequality continues to hold women back and deprives them of basic rights and opportunities. SDG 5 is about… Read the rest

Storytelling with Red Bull

Are you a social innovator with groundbreaking ideas? Naturally you understand the genius of your own idea, but can you also make your message stick for important stakeholders, investors and clients? Build your narrative and learn from remarkable social entrepreneurs… Read the rest

Circulaire Ecosysteem Meetup

Ben jij een startup of MKB’er en wil je aan de slag met circulaire economie om innovatieve oplossingen te creëren? Tijdens deze Circulaire Ecosysteem Meetup zullen we de tijd nemen om in kaart te brengen wat de circulaire economie voor… Read the rest

What’s Hub

Curious about what happens at Impact Hub? Every month we organize What’s Hub events to meet with you on that! During What’s Hub you get an introduction to our community, entrepreneurial services, and membership model. After sharing what Impact Hub… Read the rest

Fundraising | Workbench

Learn how to align expectations in the fundraising process For social entrepreneurs, fundraising can be one of the most daunting and challenging activities, no matter how successful you are. Entrepreneurs may ask themselves why this is the case, considering the… Read the rest

Community Drinks

Bring your friends and guests Join our monthly drinks if you’re keen to meet impactmakers from Amsterdam and beyond.  We bring the locally brewed beer and delicious snacks – think samosas and more! There’s always a success story, business opportunity… Read the rest

Boiling Amsterdam #8

Boiling is the ammunition room for impatient citymakers & they are back in town! This time with a HOBU Amsterdam special, powered by Young Impactmakers Boiling kickstart ideas and give you the opportunity to collectively decide how you want to… Read the rest

Feedback & Falafel

Crowdsolve your challenge Stop trying to solve everything by yourself! Our community is made up of dozens of smart individuals who are happy to let you pick their brains. This Feedback & Falafel will be hosted by Elos Foundation. Stay… Read the rest

SDG Meetup #5 | SDG 9

In February, we’ll be focusing on SDG 9: Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure Investment in infrastructure and innovation are crucial drivers of economic growth and development. That’s why SDG 9 encourages building resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization and fostering… Read the rest