Find out how we can renew our institutions and society through community, consciousness, and creativity.

Humanity has entered a “technological age,” but many of our biggest challenges resist technological solutions. The real causes of our toughest problems are in us, in our culture and values. As a community of leaders and social entrepreneurs, we need a worldview that includes the dimension of human agency and creativity, and we must know how to activate it for the common good.

Our friends at Magenta Studios in California are offering a one-time evening presentation (Friday 9 November) and afternoon workshop (Saturday 10 November). Magenta will guide a hands-on exploration of the link between “inner” and “outer,” between thought and system, and between personal transformation and social transformation. Inner and outer are inextricably linked, and today, ignorance about this connection has disastrous outcomes in the world. How can we use this connection to create positive outcomes at any scale?

Join Impact Hub Amsterdam and Magenta Studios as we explore these questions in presentation, art, and dialogue, and takeaway lessons and tools for leaders working to evolve institutions and society.

Ahead of the WorldMaker public talk and training, Impact Hub Amsterdam member Sabine Harnau asked Jeff Barnum of Magenta about the most common mistake entrepreneurs make and what to do instead. Read all about it here.

Workshop | Saturday 10 November | 13:00 – 16:00

A short interactive workshop for change leaders to explore how they can rise to their most pressing challenge their own lives and work. We will explore the content of Friday evening’s presentation and dialogue with practical, hands-on tools — some of the tools we use in our practice with organizations and social change endeavors around the world.

Get your (free) tickets for the public talk on 9 November here!
Public Talk | Friday 9 November | 19:30 – 21:00

Evening presentation and conversation. During this evening, we will:

  • Explore why social change efforts often don’t work, despite the best efforts, resources, and hard work of the leaders involved. It has to do with not understanding well enough how social change actually happens
  • Learn why the social and ecological problems we face need to be reframed as creativity challenges, and how this shift helps collaborations become MUCH more productive
  • Learn about a cutting edge methodology that is both a diagnostic tool as well as a powerful guide to rebalancing small businesses, large organizations, and society as a whole
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Event Organizers

Impact Hub


Date & Time

10 November 2018 | 13:00 to 16:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


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Cost for Members: Pay what you can (cash)

Cost for Guests: €50

Updated on 30 October 2018