To make a real impact, solid collaboration with like-minded partners is needed. But how do you set up a truly flourishing partnership? How can entrepreneurs and investors work together to advance the Sustainable Development Goals and make impact on the ground? Others have done it before. How did they do it?

Unpack Impact sessions

The stories of four successful impact enterprises will be unpacked. In all these cases, the spirit of the entrepreneurs, financial possibilities provided by their investors, their partner network and expertise of thought leaders strengthened each other to build successful collaboration.

All four Unpack Impact sessions focus on various Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) challenges. In addition to expert insights and the ‘unpacking’ of the business case, we will explore best practices in creating (new) strategic partnerships of entrepreneurs, investors and institutions that really make a difference.

Tech for Social Good session

In a parallel track, we present the Tech for Social Good” design session. Exponential technologies from emerging markets such as AI, robotics, internet of things, and 3D printing are changing the world as we know it. From self-driving cars to human organ printing, the future is not just here but also consumerized. The impact of these technologies is pervasive: no industry will remain untouched. But what do they mean for those of us focused on building equitable societies? This session will unpack both positive and negative ramifications with several case studies and demos to paint a picture of what the future might look like – and what it will take to drive inclusive and equitable societies in the coming years.

Keynote by Severn Suzuki

We are pleased to be joined by new economy activist Severn Suzuki on her way to the Nordic Business Forum, to share a perspective on other types of ‘capital’ critical to making positive impact. Severn is known as having addressed the UN Earth Summit at 12 years old, and then again 20 years later at Rio +20, and as a thought leader and member of the Earth Charter International Council brings valuable input to what we need to take into account in pursuit of the SDGs.

Event partners

The event is powered by the Municipality of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Impact – in collaboration with Impact Hub Amsterdam, KIT, Crosswise Works and Intellecap (Sankalp Forum).

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub


Date & Time

28 September 2017 | 13:30 to 19:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: €15

Cost for Guests: €15

Updated on 21 September 2017