Scaling up your operations by a factor of ten will most likely mean processing data in a way you haven’t done before. Wouldn’t you like to have an answer ready if someone (an investor, for example) asks you how you’ll do that?

In this short exploratory workshop, we’ll create your strategic tech roadmap together, with measurable objectives and tasks! But there’s more: we’ll include the changes you’ll (still need to) be undergoing to become an empowered data-driven organisation. With Nicolas Höning from Seita.


How a tech strategy will help you

No matter if you start scaling tomorrow or in six months, your stakeholders already want to know what your IT roadmap looks like. Think of investors, board members, your (prospective) staff or IT suppliers.

How you implement your tech and data strategy depends on what you do. You could choose to process all your data in Excel Spreadsheets or via Salesforce. Or, maybe you plan to automate some workflows in-house. Maybe you are ambitious and will develop your own app or you think applying machine learning wold give you the edge. What matters is to express how technology and data will support your company goals, and how your team and its backers can support pushing your company to new heights.


Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs or managers who realise their organisations are on the brink of scaling up, either from small to medium, or from medium to large. It doesn’t matter if you already secured the funding for scaling up – this workshop could be even more useful before you apply for the funding, so you’ll be able to present a better story to potential backers. CTOs or lead engineers welcome, then we can go more into depth!


About Seita and Nicolas

Seita is an academic spin-off from Amsterdam Science Park, with many years of experience in data science and cloud engineering, now bundling their expertise to amplify impact: Their mission is to empower organisations in the sustainability development sector to act data-driven in their daily operations. Nicolas is a Seita co-founder and holds a PhD in computer science and wrote software for two startups and two “regular” companies. So he’s seen the good and the bad and will help build your case on this experience. He is ready to have his brain picked for opinions.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub


Date & Time

12 September 2019 | 10:00 to 13:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Guests: €25

Updated on 21 August 2019