Pro Action Cafe


Pro Action Café

This is your chance to tap into collective intelligence to bring your initiative to the next level. This summer edition we will bring together our thoughts, insights and collective wisdom for next action to your initiative/ enterprise/ project.

Do you want to put your question on the table? Or get to know the Hub in action, by participating? Want to meet other changemakers & get to know them and their businesses? Join the Pro Action Cafe.


Our question is: ‘What kind of collaboration would enable my business to reach maximum potential?’


Reserve your seat & watch the film.

What is Pro Action Cafe? 

The Pro-Action Café is a method for a meaningful and effective conversation in a peer to peer setting. The method increases people’s capacity for effective action in pursuit of good work. It does so by evoking and making visible the collective intelligence of the group that is present. Participants are invited to bring whatever it is that they need help to manifest: an idea – project – enterprise. As you move between café tables, conversations cross-pollinate: they link and build on each other. This gives you new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in what you would like to achieve.


What is the value of Pro Action Cafe?

After an evening of inspiring talks, inspiration and drawings on our enterprises, we asked the participants to describe the value of the ProAction Cafe for you(r enterprise) in one/two sentences: 

‘The ProAction Café is, besides very energizing and inspiring, also a valuable testing-environment for your (business) ideas’. Mike Karagantcheff

‘Pro Action Cafe offers a great opportunity to mobilize all available thoughts and knowledge, to bring forward your own personal and professional insights.’ Praise from prior participant Giovanna Gomersbach

‘I realized I need to focus not only on my proposition, but also on the whole process of communication with and decision making by the potential customer. After I did this explicitly with one of my contacts, we came down to business. I’m working on that business case now. So yes, that was definitely worth my investment of 2 hours and € 10,-!’ Loode Slot

‘It helped me to come out of my deep concentration. Deep concentration is valuable but sometimes an obstruction as I don’t see many perspectives as I am too focused on my own! So, in other words the Pro Action Cafe is a good wake up call from my own deep slumber’! Udan Fernando


Pro Action Agenda 2012

Other chances to join a Pro Action Cafe @ The Hub Amsterdam:

  • September 20th 19-21 hrs
  • November 22nd 19-21 hrs


Sign-up through this link:


Love from the Pro Action Cafe hosts,

Pam de Sterke, Paul van der Plas, Aafke van Sprundel, Paul van Nobelen,
Miranda Willems, Frederieke Maagdenberg en Saar Francken

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Date & Time

25 July 2012 | 19:00 to 21:00

Updated on 24 June 2012