Explore perspectives on SDG 5 with the Leap into Life Foundation

Gender Equality is likely to be the development goal that is most intertwined with the other SDG’s. It is a topic that touches us all: men and women, in developing countries and in Western societies. However, the perspective of a policy maker in the Netherlands is different from that of a field expert in Asia and the perspective of an NGO professional is different from that of a woman living in rural Africa.

Come and join us to explore, share and learn. Using a social technology called Spiral Dynamics, we will take you on a journey to look at Gender Equality from multiple perspectives. You will be experiencing, sharing and experimenting with perspectives you are familiar with and those you might be less comfortable with.

What you will learn

Achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls? That is NOT what we will talk about.

Instead you will learn about and practice taking different perspectives around this complex issue. This will help you better understand your own viewpoints and those of the women, girls and other parties involved. We will also briefly address our own experience working in Ghana with local, tribal communities. Leap into Life is a foundation based on true principles of Fair Chain, Shared Economy, and on Spiral Dynamics insights, as well as on Learning by Doing.

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Event Organizers

Stichting Leap into Life


Date & Time

19 March | 18:30 to 22:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: €0

Cost for Guests: €13,15

Updated on 31 January 2019