Set in the wake of the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Kenbe Fem follows David Pierre-Louis in his search to find his mother after the tragedy. But even more – it’s a story of enduring love, strength, and resilience. As audiences witness this incredible story of hope, learn how this tragedy is transformed into a call for action – to work in concert with Haitian communities towards sustainable prosperity in the country’s economy.

Join us for what will be a culturally engaging evening, filled with Haitian art, small bites and refreshments, community building, and inspiration. A donation of $25 is suggested to support Kay Tita. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and will go directly to support sustainable investments in Haiti that give every citizen the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and create a better future.
Social impact leaders, friends of Haiti, members of the Diaspora, and all those interested in learning about how they can contribute to this growing cause are invited to participate in viewing Kenbe Fem, a story that serves as a profound reminder of the power that one person can have to make radical positive change.
Kenbe Fem Trailer:

RUN TIME: 60 minutes

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Kenbe Fem: A Haitian Story of Survival Unity & Strength – Trailer – The Production Foundry & Kay Tita from Kay Tita on Vimeo.

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Event Organizers

Impact Hub Amsterdam


Date & Time

June 1 | 19:00 to 21:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Donation

Cost for Guests: Donation

Updated on 30 May 2017