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Impact Masterclasses

Join a curated group of impact entrepreneurs (scaleup founders) for a series of interactive sessions with impact experts. We invite academics and professionals who are working for a new economy. Each session broadens your scope and you will gain a deeper understanding of strategic processes and complex challenges. After each session you will have new insights, connections and opportunities to take into consideration for your business.


Impact Masterclass: The New Economy as a business model 

Like all social innovators, you’re working in a complex ecosystem, trying to innovate and create a more social economy, whilst working within the limitations of the current system. This day we take a moment to zoom out of your daily work and challenges, and (again) assess the current situation of the ecosystem you’re working in. In an expert guided conversation, you will discuss with your peers the complexity of your ecosystems, identify key stakeholders and investigate opportunities to explore further.


  • Time: 14:00 – 17:00 
  • Partner: Shervin Fekri from Board of Innovation
  • For who: Expand members (included) | Non-members and Explore members pay €299,95 per ticket

Other Sessions

12 MAY

Impact Masterclass: The Transition Arena – A process approach to stimulate transformative innovation 

Every few generations our societal systems change radically. Under pressure from climate change, biodiversity loss and inequality among other things, there is a growing call for such systemic change. But how do societal systems change? And how can you stimulate transformative innovation for systemic change? In this workshop from our Expand Membership, DRIFT will share their content-based process approach to stimulate such transformative innovation: the transition arena. You will not only learn from theory, but also experience the method yourself and contribute to the arena.


  • Time: 13:00 – 17:00 
  • Expert: Igno Notermans from DRIFT
  • For who: Expand members (included) | Non-members and Explore members pay €299,95 per ticket



Impact Masterclass: Resilience 

Resilience, including the ability to let go of the old and create new patterns, is one of the biggest predictors of (leadership) success. As a leader and team, what are your attitudes and behaviours in times of hardship? How do you respond to major stressors, challenges and unpredictable contexts? How can you build strong team resilience? In this Impact Masterclass we will make sure you get the tools to expand your resilience capabilities to be ready for whatever comes your way in the near future.


  • Time: 13:00 – 17:00 
  • Partner: Hayat Chedid from UpShot
  • For who: Expand members (included) | Non-members and Explore members pay €299,95 per ticket