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Hub Solve: Societal Renewal Lab


We are all actively seeking solutions for societal challenges we care about in our urban community. What kind of environment do we need in order to enable the flourishing of healthy collaborations and the rise of social entrepreneurship?

In a two-part innovation lab we invite a dedicated group with diverse perspectives to take a deeper dive in understanding the system constraints that get in the way of collaboration around shared goals for a healthier society. We will create a space to support meaning- making and explore what enables collaboration and social enterprising towards societal renewal.

How can we create an enabling environment for social enterprise? What can we learn from each others’ practices and approaches to help us make effective impact?

  • LAB 1: A feedback discussion on an analysis of social enterprising in the Netherlands, its history characteristics and future.
  • LAB 2: A participatory process to discover the practices that renew society and enable socially enterprising actions Bringing politicians, civil servants and social entrepreneurs into collaborative action.

EFESEIIS’ Mission: To produce new knowledge enabling the European people to fully understand the conditions under which social entrepreneurship starts, develops and can contribute effectively and
efficiently to solving societal challenges in a sustainable way.

In collaboration with: 
 Hank Kune, Educore – Rense Bos, IMI – Roel During, Wageningen University – Tatiana Glad, Impact Hub Amsterdam

>> this is an event based on invitation only


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Date & Time

07 November 2014 | 08:00 to 17:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Updated on 03 November 2014