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Good Food for Busy Social Entrepreneurs

Good Food for Busy Social Entrepreneurs 
– and Do You Know What’s in Your Food?

In the same way that you can’t put vinegar in your car and expect it to run, you can’t put bad food in your body and expect to be healthy. Yet, the reality of living a busy lifestyle and not having time to prepare food at home today means that most people are not eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables and are therefore nutritionally deficient. The result? Fatigue, foggy brain, restless sleep, anxiety and irritability not to mention digestive problems, skin issues and higher risk of disease. You can change all of this, just by knowing what foods to have on your plate and which foods to avoid. Improve your success on every level with high-energy, memory-boosting, stress-reducing foods.
We are lucky to have an impromptu visit from Jennifer Thompson at Impact Hub Amsterdam! Internationally-known detox expert, health coach, raw foodist, green smoothie guide, iridologist, author, speaker and decipherer of food labels, Jennifer will share fast and easy ways you can improve your diet and still have time to do the job you love. Did you know that there are currently over 3,000 food additives used in foods today worldwide? You might not think you have time to learn about this, but in reality, your health is at risk if you don’t. Just by knowing some simple tricks of the food labeling industry, you can improve the quality of your store-bought food by 90%. Jennifer will show you how. Remember, any improvement you make in your diet will be an improvement in your health, and the sooner you start, the better.
Check out Jennifer’s website and Twitter, and join us on Tuesday 3 June. You pay in cash at the door. No need to RSVP, just show up!
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Event Organizers

Jennifer Thompson


Date & Time

03 June 2014 | 17:30 to 19:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: €5

Cost for Guests: €15

Updated on 28 May 2014