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Community Drinks | Meet Jack

Want to try jackfruit biterballen? During this special edition of our monthly Community Drinks, Meet Jack co-founders and Business Model Challenge winners Kaline van Halder and Marjolein Pleune will tell us about Meet Jack’s story and their market launch in March!

Why should you Meet Jack?

Meet Jack is a meat-free food line starring young jackfruit. The company’s mission is to convince carnivores to replace meat for the meat-like textured jackfruit at least once per week. This small behavioral change would massively reduce their carbon emissions and water consumption, as well as improve personal health and animal welfare. Next to this, Meet Jack supports reforestation and reducing pre-harvest losses through local partnerships in emerging markets.

More about Community Drinks

Join our monthly drinks if you’re keen to meet impactmakers from Amsterdam and beyond. We bring the locally brewed beer and delicious snacks.

There’s always a success story, business opportunity or difficult challenge worth discussing over drinks. This is your chance to connect and reflect!

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Impact Hub


Date & Time

7 March | 17:00 to 19:00


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Updated on 03 February 2019