Boiling is the ammunition room for impatient citymakers & they are back in town!

This time with a HOBU Amsterdam special, powered by Young Impactmakers

Boiling kickstart ideas and give you the opportunity to collectively decide how you want to add some color to the city. It’s an instant crowdfunding & -sourcing platform and a clubhouse where ideas, energy and knowledge come together in a fierce and contagious way.

You pay €10, which is donated 100% to the winning idea. This gives you entrance to the event, a nice meal, and most importantly voting rights: all visitors get to vote on which idea is best and together they decide who wins and get’s to execute their idea quickly. Join and find out!

Please note! This event is located at Jack Amsterdam.

Pitchers line-up
How does it work?
  1. Visitors donate €10
  2. Four citymakers pitch their ideas
  3. All visitors vote
  4. The initiative with the most votes goes home with the collected sum, which is doubled by the Boiling partners
  5. At the next Boiling event, the winning citymaker shows what he or she has done with the money

The event will be hosted in English. The ticket is a full donation and includes a meal. Tickets are available at the door (cash only).

Partners: ZOCity, We The City, Heesterveld Creative Community

More about Young Impactmakers

Through the Young Impactmakers community, Impact Hub Amsterdam, Starters4Communities and partners support talented young people who want to do good while doing business, either by starting their own impact enterprise or by collaborating with organisations working towards a better world.

Next to hosting sessions every second Tuesday of the month at the Impact Hub, Young Impactmakers gives you everything you need to take your talent and ambition to the next level – from hands-on workshops and matchmaking events, to a strong network, problem-solving power, a testing stage, bootcamps, dinners and more!

To get our latest news and opportunities, and meet other Young Impactmakers, join our Young Impactmakers Community.

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Date & Time

12 February | 18:30 to 21:00


JACK Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: €10 (pay at the door)

Cost for Guests: €10 (pay at the door)

Updated on 24 January 2019