B Leaders course

B Leaders course

Become an expert in B Corp certification and join the leaders of tomorrow! The B Leaders program is a training and community engagement program. After a very successful first edition, B Lab Europe and Impact Hub Amsterdam are thrilled to collectively host the program again. The B Leaders training offers all the necessary knowledge and methodology for a business professional to bring his/her organisation up to the level of a Certified B Corporation.

Who is this for?

B Leaders is a business course for professionals who are interested in integrating the B Corp framework & B Impact Assessment in their line of work. The training is also designed for all organizations which have the ambition to become B Corp certified and wish to internally train someone to supervise the process. This program is a fantastic opportunity if you are seeking to help companies transform into more sustainable systems or are helping your company in its B Corp journey.  

Participants may include, but are not limited to:

  • CSR professionals (CSR, HR, HSEQ, Audit, etc.)
  • Representatives of (multinational) companies interested in B Corp certification
  • Representatives of companies interested in the B Corp framework and the B Corp movement
  • Other professionals who are interested in working with B Corp tools (for example for measuring sustainability performance).
  • Freelancers or independent professionals
  • Internal champions of B Corp companies

The B Leaders Training is open to everyone. One of our key objectives is to ensure a good mix between different categories to guarantee maximum diversity and open interaction.


What can I expect?

The program consists of four half-day sessions that cover every aspect of being involved in the B Corp Movement:

Module 1: Introduction to the B Corp Movement (23 Feb 9.00-13.00)

In this module, you will learn all about economic systems change and the role of business in addressing society’s biggest challenges. We’ll tell you all about the B Corp movement and how to become a Certified B Corporation. In addition, there is a conversation with a number of Certified B Corporations sharing their experiences.

Module 2: Deep-dive into the B Impact Assessment (24 Feb 9.00-13.00)

The B Impact Assessment is a holistic tool for measuring and managing your company’s impact performance. It’s used by >100.000 businesses and is the framework for B Corp certification. In this module, you’ll learn all about the impact framework and how to move from analysis to action-driven impact improvements.

Module 3: Communicating your Impact (02 Mar 9.00-13.00)

An interactive journey of learning from best case practices about how your company can communicate its impact. In this module, we’ll discuss different narratives that can be used to address different audiences, communication guidelines and the business case for certification. The majority of this module will be led by one of our guest speakers – Joost de Leij – who will help you come to actionable insights on how to apply these insights to your business.

Module 4: Stakeholder Engagement (03 Mar 9.00-13.00)

The world of B Corp is an exciting one. However, you cannot do it alone. You need others to be involved. This module will explore how to engage internal and external stakeholders in your B Corp journey. B Leaders is a community of practice. We’re bringing in peer learning, helping you gain insights from graduated B Leaders and connecting to other participants on shared challenges. Together we can drive business as a force for good.

What will I learn?

During this training you will acquire the necessary skills to identify the overall impact performance of your company, evaluate current status, develop programs and implement actions to increase the positive social and environmental impact of your company.

Gain Insight – Explore the B Impact Assessment standards and understand the methodology for measuring and managing your impact performance.

Acquire Expertise – Discover the close link between social impact and the economic performance of an organization and know how to turn this to your advantage.

Create Value – Learn new methods for innovative long-term value creation.

Obtain Confidence – Mobilize the people in your company through one structured sustainability approach.

Become a Leader – Join the B Leaders movement and help others do better.

Practical info


Day #1 – Introduction to the B Corp Movement (February 23rd 09:00-13:00)

Day #2 – Deep-dive into the B Impact Assessment (February 24th 09:00-13:00)

Day #3 – Communicating your Impact (March 2nd 09:00-13:00)

Day #4 – Stakeholder Engagement (March 3rd 09:00-13:00)

Location: VIRTUAL

Costs: €599,- excl. VAT
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Trainers & speakers

This course will be facilitated by Joey van den Brink, Dieuwertje Damen and Skyla Rabadi, guiding you through the different topics related to the B Corp movement and the B Impact Assessment. As part of the program, various guest speakers from the community of Certified B Corporations will make contributions on topics of their expertise.

Joey van den Brink

Joey is the Certification Manager of B Lab Europe. With a background in environmental economics, Joey’s key interest is the role of business in shaping more regenerative and inclusive economic systems. As part of his career at B Lab Europe, Joey has supported hundreds of companies in their B Corp journey, becoming an expert on the B Impact Assessment and the certification process. Now, Joey is driving the B Leaders program and bringing it to The Netherlands.

Skyla Rabadi

Skyla focuses on business development and partner relations. She’s lived in 7 countries and worked in various contexts, including in CSR at a large multinational in Amsterdam and an impact investment fund in Barcelona. She backpacked and volunteered for a year in Latin America and lived to tell the tales! By supporting impact entrepreneurship, she contributes to facilitate connections and create positive value in the world.

Tatiana Glad

Tatiana Glad is an entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner, and change strategist working across sectors and cultures. She has a focus on impact entrepreneurship, urban innovation, sustainable business, and the next generation. She is co-founder and director of Impact Hub Amsterdam, co-founder of Waterlution, and chair emeritus of the global Impact Hub Board. With an MSc in Responsible Business Practice, Tatiana sees enterprise as a vehicle for social change.

Joost de Leij

Joost is the Founder of Limelights, a Certified B Corporation. Joost is a creative strategist and a facilitator of change. He works on virtual sustainability summits, strategy sprints and trains people & teams to become effective agents of change.

Murray Gray

Murray is currently Head of Commercial and Operations at Metabolic Ventures Division. Murray has been trained as a B Leader, has worked with B Lab Spain, and has been a Covestor at Generous Minds, a Certified B Corporation. Murray describes himself as working at the intersection of entrepreneurship, innovation and positive social & environmental impact, re-designing the world of enterprise.

Dieuwertje Damen

Dieuwertje is the founder of Rainbow Collection: a strategy agency for sustainability and impact branding, and a Certified B Corporation. Dieuwertje helps ambitious companies become the future captains of industry. She is an expert in formulating a future vision and developing a coherent strategy that helps realise long-term positive change. As a B Leader practitioner, she has helped various companies become Certified B Corporations, including Zoku, Obrigado and BOCCA Coffee.