29, 30 & 31 August 2019, Amsterdam

How do we collaborate on changing society for the better? No matter what sector you’re in, you can contribute to positive change. Learn how to take collaborative action on the big issues that you and your organisation care about by building a community around a shared purpose.

In this experiential training, you’ll be guided by an international team of Art of Hosting practitioners with combined experience in diverse sectors, from the government to business to non-profit. Drawing from our Art of Hosting methods, tools, mental models and results achieved over the past decade, learn how to enable participatory leadership and societal transformation. Together with the hosting team and other participants, including impact entrepreneurs, policymakers and corporate innovators, you will dig deeper into the worldviews that underpin and sometimes even hinder your work.

  • Design collaborative initiatives and projects
  • Host meaningful conversations and harvest actionable insights
  • Introduce the benefits of participatory leadership to your own field
  • Apply Art of Hosting techniques to your projects and challenges
  • Use practical tools to increase your positive impact
  • Be more resilient and equipped for adapting to an ever-changing world
  • Leverage models for working with complexity, conflict and emergence


  • Sustainability professionals
  • Policymakers, decision-makers and their teams
  • Local, regional & national government programme managers
  • Corporate innovators and consultants
  • Nonprofit and development professionals
  • Impact entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
  • Convenors of cross-sector dialogues and community leaders
Laura Grassi

Laura supports organisations and communities with navigating the complexity of their work by fostering collaboration and creating an environment fuelled by participation, engagement and trust. She believes in a future world where people feel fulfilled and engaged at work, in thriving organisations that have a positive impact and solve pressing societal issues. Laura brings her experience in facilitation, process design skills, and business background to help social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, developmental nonprofits, social innovators, and cross-sector convenors to design and organise key interventions. For this purpose, she uses different methodologies, including the Art of Hosting, U-theory, Process Design, Deep Democracy, and Non-Violent Communication.

Sandra Gevaert

Sandra guides and supports professionals and their organisations and communities to build collaborative capacity and a participatory leadership practice. She challenges leaders and innovators to be the change they wish to see in their world and to create space for bottom-up change. Sandra works with dialogue and deep listening practices to connect the inner and outer worlds of the individual and collective. Trained as a business economist and working many years in a multinational corporation, Sandra has experienced the challenges of a large top-down organisation, which urged her to inquire about new ways of collaborating and organisational development.

Rowan Simonsen

Rowan is guided by the question “How do you live a simple life with impact, asking the questions that really matter?” He is an Aikido and Art of Hosting Practitioner, and a Kaospilot. In addition, he is trained in the Disciplines of Peace and in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Rowan has been working for many years bringing strengthening a global community of practice for Participatory Leaders. To support this, he co-founded Beehive Productions, which is bringing practitioners together to learn from their peers worldwide. Closer to home, Rowan is supporting the creation of resilient and creative rural communities. He has a background in Business Administration and working with innovation and sustainability.

Maria Scordialos

Maria invites people to have conversations that matter: to generatively engage with their changing context, to see new possibilities, and to choose appropriate actions. Through process design and hosting, Maria, in partnership with clients and colleagues, crafts gatherings, trainings, and longer-term journeys of systemic change. Maria’s practice of designing and hosting has emerged from her diverse experience – from working as a manager of national-level pilot projects to being a strategic Corporate Director in UK local government. She has also co-initiated the Art of Participatory Leadership practice, hosted both grassroots and systemic level projects in different organisations and communities throughout the world, and co-founded a place of learning with nature in Greece.

Tatiana Glad

Tatiana is a social entrepreneur, sustainability practitioner and change strategist, with a MSc in Responsible Business Practice. She is co-founder of Impact Hub Amsterdam and Waterlution, and partner of Engage! InterAct. As a long-time steward of the Art of Hosting body of practice, she brings a strong sense of how to combine process design/delivery in service of purposeful shift towards systemic change. She is keen to share how to address challenges and create impactful events from her experience in diverse contexts including social enterprise, development work, public sector, corporate and multi-stakeholder environments.


Our three-day Art of Hosting | Collaborating for Change masterclass starts at 9 am on Thursday 29 August and it ends at 5 pm on Saturday 31 August. You are also invited to join the optional dinner and surprise activity on the evening of Friday 30 August.

Your training will take place at Impact Hub Amsterdam, which is located on the edge of the leafy Oosterpark, in the vibrant neighbourhood of Amsterdam Oost.


Our three-day masterclass costs €1600 for corporates and €1200 for individuals, SMEs and nonprofits. The fees include VAT and cover:

  • Workshops with Art of Hosting practitioners and Impact Hub experts
  • A workbook to support your continued learning
  • Daily vegetarian lunch, fairly sourced coffee and tea, and fresh fruit
  • Dinner and a surprise activity during one of the evenings

Please note that this course is non-residential; participants should arrange their own accommodation.


Impact Hub members are eligible for a subsidy. Please contact Laura Grassi for your discount code. We also offer a 10% discount to each additional participant from the same organisation.

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Date & Time

29 August 2019 to 31 August 2019


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Eligible for up to 50% subsidy

Cost for Guests: €1,600 (incl. VAT) for corporates | €1,200 (incl. VAT) for individuals, SMEs and nonprofit

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