How can we build the capacity and the skills to thrive in a rapidly changing world? How can we unleash the power of collaboration to create a better society?

We believe positive change comes from engaged citizens and collaborative action. And we have seen how a strong purpose – combined with a well-designed process – can have real impact. Systemic change needs diverse perspectives and innovators who have learnt to ‘host‘ groups and spaces in an authentic way. Yet many of us wonder what role we can play in societal change and how we can collaborate effectively across sectors.

That is why we want to introduce you to the Art of Hosting, an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation, and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges.

In this three-day training, which takes place at Impact Hub Amsterdam, we will be sharing a decade of Art of Hosting practice and Impact Hub expertise in facilitating change makers who collectively contribute to a more just and sustainable world.

STAY TUNED! Applications will open soon.

  • social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
  • sustainability professionals
  • policy- & decision-makers and their teams
  • municipality programme managers and civil servants
  • NGO and development workers
  • corporate innovators and consultants
  • convenors of cross-sector dialogues and community leaders

  • Design collaborative initiatives and projects
  • Host meaningful conversations and harvest actionable insights
  • Introduce the benefits of participatory leadership to your own field
  • Apply Art of Hosting techniques to your projects and challenges
  • Use practical tools to increase your positive impact
  • Be more resilient and equipped for adapting to an ever changing world
  • Leverage models for working with complexity, conflict and emergence


This three-day training costs €1,200 excl. VAT, which includes:

  • In-depth workshops with Impact Hub and Art of Hosting experts
  • Daily lunch, coffee, tea and fruit
  • Dinner and a surprise activity on one of the evenings
  • A customised workbook to support your continued learning

We have a 10% discount available for each additional registration received from the same organisation / team.

Impact Hub members are eligible for a subsidy of up to 50%. Please submit your request to Laura Grassi and include how you would benefit from this training.


For questions, please contact Laura Grassi.

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Impact Hub

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Date & Time

August 29 to August 31


Impact Hub Amsterdam


Entry Fee

Cost for Members: Eligible for 50% subsidy

Cost for Guests: €1,200 excl. VAT

Updated on 31 January 2019