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Amsterdam Social Inclusion Challenge 2018

As part of the EU Social Challenges innovation platform, we have joined forces with our partners at SDG House to take on the 2018 Amsterdam Social Inclusion Challenge.

Together, we will support entrepreneurs and innovators who create social cohesion amongst Amsterdam’s many vibrant communities, including minorities and newcomers.

If your idea, product, service or programme is a bridge builder between people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, please sign up for the Challenge kickoff.

Learn how you could get a €30,000 grant and 6 months of mentoring turn your urban inclusion initiative into a sustainable business!

What is SDG House?

The KIT – Royal Tropical Institute‘s historical building has grown from the home of the Tropenmuseum and the KIT international development research institute to SDG House – a building that hosts nearly 50 organisations committed to making our cities more inclusive and sustainable, such as the Impact Hub, DeliteLabs and De Gezonde Stad.

SDG House believes that achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires diverse people and knowledge. Thus, it wants to invite Amsterdam’s local communities to share their unique perspectives. And, of course, work together with SDG House on solving problems affecting these communities.

What is EU Social Challenges?

Impact Hub Amsterdam is working with Meta Group, EBN and the Impact Hub network across Europe to co-host the EU Social Challenges innovation platform, which boosts marketable solutions with clear social benefits. The platform matches ‘challenge owners’ – organisations with problems to solve – to entrepreneurs and social innovators.

EU Social Challenges aims to translate at least 27 challenges into 81 practical solutions, each supported by a €30,000 grant and 6 months of mentoring to turn your product, service or idea into a sustainable business.

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