New Plastics Ecosystem

Every minute, we collectively buy 1 million plastic bottles and use more than 1 million plastic bags. Our excessive plastic use has led to the infamous Plastic Soup in the Pacific Ocean, beach and river pollution, microplastics in our food chain and a tremendous loss of biodiversity. Thankfully, countless organisations and entrepreneurs have started the battle against plastic waste – and we aim to accelerate that process.

In our New Plastics Ecosystem, we bring together and strengthen relationships between impact entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, corporates, government, and other organisations. Together, we accelerate innovation and bring about positive change in how we use, produce and dispose of plastics. Come to an event, sign up for one of our accelerator programmes, or become an Impact Hub member and be part of our Plastics Ecosystem!


Business Model Challenge | Food & Packaging

In this edition of the Business Model Challenge (BMC), we helped entrepreneurs turn their innovative ideas into a successful impact startup in just three months! We collaborated with experts, mentors and an inspiring group of entrepreneurs working to make food and its packaging more sustainable.

Plastic Free Ocean Accelerator

With plastic waste getting into the ocean at a rate of 1 dump truck per minute and a bleak prediction of more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, the time to act is now. WWF and Impact Hub Amsterdam joined forces to accelerate 10 startups that develop innovative solutions to reduce plastic pollution.


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16 December

Relegating plastics in sportswear

Iron Roots© was founded in 2017, by Ashkan, Stefan & Erik, three friends that were fed up with the fact that more than 90% of all sportswear was made from plastics. When they didn't find a good alternative, they decided to take matters in our own hands.
14 December

Building the new plastics economy together

In 2015, the City of Amsterdam and Impact Hub Amsterdam started a relationship to share ideas, networks, actions and reflections to make the city’s growing social entrepreneurship ecosystem more explicit and better equipped. We are pleased to share what our partnership has accomplished and what we have learned.