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What started in London in 2005 with an innovative group of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers has grown into an impact movement of 100+ Impact Hubs worldwide and 17,000 member, and you can be part of it! By becoming a member we can tackle societal issues through entrepreneurial solutions together.

Meet our local and global community during our (online) events and work together to accelerate your challenge, idea and impact.  Check out below how we can support you and meet like minded people!

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PETER MERRY | Chief innovation manager Ubiquity University

Our ecosystems

With a series of events, a community, publications and accelerator programs, we bring together entrepreneurs, investors, consumers, government, corporates, and other organisations to accelerate positive change in food, plastics, circularity and inclusion. Interested?  Join one of our ecosystems
PLASTICS ECOSYSTEM | Every minute of the day, 1 full truck of plastic litter ends up in our oceans. Together with WWF Netherlands, Port of Amsterdam, Dopper, Accenture, startups, government and investors we work together to accelerate solutions to address the plastic issue. Find out more here.
FOOD ECOSYSTEM | Though the agro-food sector is one of the largest economic sectors in the Netherlands, it is responsible for largest share of national CO2 emissions and loss of biodiversity. Through our ecosystem approach we create the resources that are needed to foster positive change in the food sector. Find out more here.
CIRCULAR ECOSYSTEM | The global economy is only 9 percent circular. Impact Hub Amsterdam works with partners including the ING Foundation, the Province of North Holland and CIRCL to accelerate and facilitate a wide range of innovations and solutions on circularity. Find out more here.
INCLUSION ECOSYSTEM | This ecosystem is focused on empowering and promoting the social, economic and political inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status. Find out more here.
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Become a member of Impact Hub Amsterdam and start connecting with changemakers across The Netherlands and around the globe! We bring together different actors that would otherwise not meet and exchange. The collaborative nature of our communities creates connections that not only increases your social capital, but also helps you to accelerate your growth and boost your impact.

Young Impactmakers

As a young impactmaker it is important to connect with like minded professionals and to get the right tools to start your own impact business or contribute to purpose-driven companies. The Young Impactmakers community is here to help you with that. They believe that the next generation (that’s you!) has the power to solve societal issues.  Start your impact career