Business Help Desk

The Business Help Desk is our format for one-on-one start-up support with a professional expert. The role of the expert is to answer your general questions and dig into concrete issues.

Each Business Help Desk is available upon request. The sessions are 45 min long and on a one-on-one basis. The following fees apply:

  • With Community Membership: 55 euro per session
  • Without Membership: 150 euro - 200 euro (details upon request)

  • For cancellations after 3 days before the BHD session we’ll have to charge 50% of the price.
    Cancellations after 24 hours before the BHD session will be charged 100%.

    To book a Business Help Desk appointment, contact our Scout Lead Ilse Kwaaitaal.

    We provide professional advice on the following topics:

    Want to brainstorm on your business idea and want to know how we can help you?

    We can advise which knowledge and connections you need to accelerate your business, and will onboard you into our local community of impact makers.

    Need particular advice on your vision and mission?

    When starting, your attention can sometimes be all over the place. Or when growing, sometimes you need a moment to step out of your business and check whether you’re on the right track. Receive hands-on strategic growth and planning advice to help you retain that focus so you spend your energy well.

    Want to build an efficient and strong team?

    We can analyse your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you figure out what roles fit you and your company best. This will also help you hire the right people and have a more efficient team that enjoys working together!

    Want to expand to the Netherlands?

    With IN Amsterdam, the city's expat center, we facilitate your start-up visa process as an official endorser of your social start-up. Our facilities and services will support you over the yearlong period to bring your business to the Dutch market.