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Impact Hub Amsterdam offers you all necessary network, services, mentors and offers to start, grow and scale your social enterprise.

Our services

Internationalisation support

Access 10 years of experience in scaling Impact Hub and our international network of affiliates to support you in-country; for incomers, we help you feel at home here.

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Social Start-up | Scaler Scan

Be assessed for your readiness for next level of growth, whether you are just starting up here or scaling abroad; receive feedback on what specific support would help you.

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Internationalisation Scan

Receive a professional market assessment to test your readiness for entry into specific markets, and get advice on which markets are best suited for your product and ambition.

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Entry Visa Facilitation

With the Expat Center of Amsterdam, we facilitate your start-up visa process as an official endorser of your social start-up; our facilities and services support you over the year period.

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Strategy Development & Alignment Consultation

Obtain local market knowledge and strategic growth advice to pursue right adaptation strategies; have your business model fit verified and enhanced.

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Leadership & Team Development

Acquire guidance on leadership, team and governance issues; learn useful models for effective structure; obtain support on recruiting right talent locally and abroad.

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Investment Readiness Support

Prepare your pitching, practice and pitch to investors and influencers; access an investor pool via one-on-one introductions and investor networking opportunities; apply for our annual Investment Ready Program.

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Business Plan & Model Review

Welcome a critical eye on your business plan/model and recommendations for evolving it, according to latest thinking and practice; apply for our twice yearly Business Model Challenge.

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Financial Management & Administrative Support

Access in-Hub and recommended services.

Legal, Tax & Financial Advice

Be directly matched to expertise for your legal, tax and financial needs with service providers who understand social entrepreneurs.

Customer Market Information

Find referrals to customer market experts and market information, as well as peer experiential knowledge.

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Impact Tracking & Measurement

Improve your impact tracking with services, tools and educational opportunities; be supported to make your impact visible to stakeholders and investors.

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A Place To Work

Make your sustainable office here, with co-working facilities as well as meeting spaces for a short coffee meeting right up to events for 100 people we can help you design. Great location, friendly and ecological, community co-created, and with plenty of natural light.

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Networking & Social Events

Meet valuable business contacts and new friends in sector specific, issue-based, skills-oriented and curated peer-to-peer events.

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Receive guidance on how to position and promote your enterprise through media channels, events and partnerships.

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Monthly Workbench Sessions

Monthly Workbench Sessions

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Expert & Peer Matching

Connect with needed expertise and/or peers to source knowledge, contacts, resources, partners and recommendations from our local and global community; find expertise on dealing with the public sector; access multinationals and other institutions.

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Ruben Walker

African Clean Energy is on its way to create a worldwide cooking revolution. Cooking on open fires has severe 

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Mimi Eelman | Business Model Challenge | Impact Hub Amsterdam | startup

Mimi Eelman

Compact heat storage that stores solar produced heat during summer to be used in winter.

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Fransjan de Waard | Impact Hub Amsterdam | Business Model Challenge | Startup | socent

Fransjan de Waard

I create local composts hills, using the compost of the neighbourhood and lead by educated compost masters. By and for the lo…

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