We’re a B Corp!


"In our mission to drive the change we seek, the B Lab assessment delivered and continued to provide insights and learnings that enable us to raise the bar for the impact we create.

In this collective commitment, we found a collaboration with B Lab Europe more than naturally."

Impact Hub Amsterdam’s community grew in 2015 to over 240 active entrepreneurial members, 10,000 yearly visitors, and all in total 633 engaged community members. Since we opened 8 years ago in Amsterdam - pioneering a place-based social economy - we’ve been fortunate enough to support 1000s of changemakers to drive social, environmental and economic betterment in the world near and far.

These are professional mates that make Impact Hub Amsterdam an unstoppable movement. From impact investors and entrepreneurs, educators and corporate leaders, to governments and thought leaders.

A diverse community in action.

3 Reasons Why We Chose To Be A BCorp


We are convinced,

that it is important to be aware of, to be transparent in and to improve our impact on society.


News & Facts

Impact Hub Amsterdam - Certified since: March 2016
B Impact Report. What makes us a better company?
Like more than 15,000 other businesses we used the B Impact Assessment to measure our performance and set goals for continuous improvement. Both the assessment and the B Audit proved an invaluable management tool to create a framework around sustainability which is already in our DNA. B LAb audited our performances on 1) Environment, 2) Workers, 3) Customers, 4) Community, and 5) Governance. Curious to know our overall B Score?
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Interview Marcello Palazzi, co-founder B Lab Europe
How to Produce a Green Product Out of a Brown Company? Hint, it's Impossible.
B Corp standards enable your organisation to contribute to a prosperous society by focusing on inclusiveness. Ask yourself how you can incorporate society’s marginalised, to what extent are you enriching people’s lives and positively impacting our planet? Concerning its governance, does your business challenge the economic system to move towards a real economy, one that serves people instead of one that exploits them? It demands well-governed companies, transparency and your leadership capabilities. "We help leaders walk a path of integrity towards their stakeholders in society."  
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Impact Report 2015
The Change We Seek®
Impact Hub Amsterdam pioneers transition towards a new economy where business and profit are used in service of people and planet. Transitioning the systems, structures and habits towards this world is only possible through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose. Impact Hub Amsterdam’s community works towards enabling tangible positive impact in the selected areas, which reflect the goals adopted by the UN in the Sustainable Development Goals; meaning that their local and global practices in these areas become measurably more just, sustainable and inclusive.
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