In the first months of the crisis, many companies were forced to quickly adjust, and while impact-driven companies have already been developing innovative and resilient business models, they are not immune to disruptive economic developments. More than ever we need to support impact entrepreneurs as they review, reflect, and reevaluate their strategy, allowing their short-term steps to stretch into resilient long-term plans!

Earlier this year, we developed the RE:SILIENCE program together with Amsterdam Impact to support impact-driven companies and equip them with the tools to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than before – take a look at our first cohort here! Now Amsterdam Impact and Impact Hub Amsterdam have launched an online-only version of the program specifically for impact entrepreneurs from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA).

Find out below which 13 impact entrepreneurs are taking part in this program!

WASTED Lab WASTED is a solution to transform societal, environmental and economic issues related to the great plastic transition into a sustainable solution for all. Their rewards-based app helps users who want to be proactive in fighting plastic pollution by rewarding plastic free actions. Citizens go through a lifestyle guidance programme to change consumption habits. Rewards for changing behaviour are monetary discounts on circular products. Users will prove their change by taking pictures of the actions that will be validated. The validated action allow the users gather digital coins. The user has access to products from circular brands at a discounted rate, by redeeming the digital coins. This functionality is meant to incentive the users economically, and support a growing market of sustainable brands.

Down to Earth Collective is a social impact enterprise with the mission to ignite and enable people-powered change. The inspiring film, DOWN to EARTH, was a call to action for the founders and catalyst for its work. The collective believes in working from the ground up, generating change in communities, organisations and educational institutions

7 Billion Presidents is a grassroots movement in Amsterdam which has laid out an exciting framework for a regenerative economy. 7BP builds companies where, by embracing this framework, all profit is spent to build a happier and healthier society. Profits of its products are used to build regenerative energy projects, such as solar power, benefiting communities and the environment.

Soapbox aims to get young people involved as impact drivers. The organisation believes that individuals and institutions all have to look to their own strength, culture, background, business processes and qualities. Then the sum of these actions can form a solution!

SDG Challenge connects motivated third-year Bachelor’s and Master’s students from Dutch universities to business partners in the sustainability field to work together on the SDGs. The SDG-Challenge developed a special “pressure-cooker”, so that the teams will come up with tangible and actionable ideas that will contribute to the finding solutions for the SDGs.

Narrate is an impact intelligence organisation helping organisations become better businesses with actionable insights, such as data and stories, to scale their impact and reduce footprint. In this way, Narrate stewards purpose brands and impact professionals towards an inclusive regenerative system of living.

Boerderij van de Eenzaamheid is part of and aims for a healthy and resilient landscape where agriculture and nature merge in sustainable revenue models. The regenerative agriculture organisation works with farmers, nature organizations, entrepreneurs and others on the transition to nature-inclusive, circular agriculture. enables farmers, like Boerderij van de Eenzaamheid to test solutions themselves on their own farm in pilots, for example in the field of natural soil management, processing natural cuttings, herb-rich grassland and enhancing biodiversity.

Donny Craves’ mission is to waste less food and use less energy and water. Starting off ten years ago as a bakery trying to make organic ‘sexy’, Donny Craves is now baking 100% plant-based treats! The egg and butter have disappeared from the recipe, and various ‘rescued’ vegetables have been added: carrot and zucchini that don’t make the supermarket shelf due to small imperfections, but when processed in the cakes provide extra structure and nutritional value.

Corekees Foundation makes investing in a green world possible for everyone. During its lifetime, the Pongamia tree extracts much more CO₂ from the air than it produces during planting, growing, harvesting and pressing the nuts for sustainable oil. That’s why Corekees decided to use this tree as part of their regenerative investment scheme. Investing is possible from € 20 per month (= 1 tree) via this platform, and you receive a bond for each tree that is part of your investment!

Montgomery’s Icecream cracked the vegan ice cream code! It all began with a challenge to make delicious chocolate ice cream that was vegan-friendly and non-vegan proof. In their 44th batch they got it just right with the Chocolate Bomb!

Ace&Tate the beloved maker of quality sunglasses and glasses frames, are working on their sustainability as an organisation. The company is openly committed to finding the smartest, most mindful solutions to create a more planet-friendly product. The goal is to become an engine for positive change in the industry.

Starters4Communities trains young people in social entrepreneurship with workshops in personal leadership and sustainable innovation. The organisation is also home to a large network of alumni and offers traineeships with impact startups. Starters4Communities believes that bottom-up social entrepreneurship can change the world in a sustainable way and participants can help to strengthen the concept, revenue model and reach of social projects.

Chef Centraal is a new, specialized catering wholesaler, giving chefs access to the best sustainable products. With a boundless passion for finding the most special local small-scale heroes, the producers, growers and farmers, Chef Centraal shortens the supply chain and ensures that a professional chef and the home chef are both inspired to conjure up a high-quality catering experience!