The Business Model Challenge (BMC) is our incubator program for entrepreneurs who are taking the first steps in starting an impact-driven business. The goal: a solid business plan, strengthened skills, and a pilot in our network. Read about the participants of the 16th edition here!

Re-brick: A system that sells the joy but not the LEGO

No name yet: Dutch natural, regional, and social soap, inspired by Marseille

Embrace: Community and online platform for well-being training and skills exchange

Aquatecture: Compact water harvesting panels for the urban environment

Geo Melting Pot: The satellite data marketplace between earth observation users and experts

herguest: Hosting platform focusing on investing into local communities

Hydo: Freshwater from seawater

Lekker Lupine: Lupin on everyone’s plate!New protein, locally grown

Onderanderen | Respondenten: Respondents for personal interviews from another bubble

Mama Raj: Local and sustainably produced paneer

The Bin: Awesome products from your waste materials

The Prism Project: Explore potentialities to build a strong career path

Unplastic: Educational material about our plastic problem

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