Impact Hub Amsterdam, Amsterdam Impact – the City of Amsterdam’s impact entrepreneurship program – and ABN AMRO are organising a 5-day soft landing visit to Berlin for 6 sustainable food companies looking to expand into the German market. The entrepreneurs will meet stakeholders from retail and food service; the municipality; the local food, social enterprise, and startup communities; investors; and production facilities. After the trip, they will have a go-to-market roadmap with the next steps and all the relevant contacts to follow up with and validate their business in the German food market!

The participants:

BUMI makes traditional plantbased products (such as tempeh, tofu and seitan) with a tasteful, contemporary twist. They are on a mission to enrich the food supply with nutritious, sustainable and easy to prepare plantbased products.

KRUSH (KRUSLI) produces delicious breakfast cereal, at leasst 50% of the ingredients of which are rescued, and all products contain less than 10% of sugar. Good for the planet and you!

Botanic Bites makes Damn Good Fungi Food, full of savoury taste (umami) with a natural meaty bite. Clean label with low ecological food print.

Wakuli is a Direct To Consumer coffee e-commerce in the Netherlands, creating the shortest supply chain of high quality coffee. They aim to change the way coffee is traded and consumed, and are working towards the goal of connecting 1 mln European households to 50.000 smallholder farmers, creating shared value!

Karma Shoarma makes delicious kebab that happens to be vegan, made out of locally grown veggies and grains. Made completely in their own factory, this shawarma is high in proteins and super nutritious!

Willicroft produces plant-based cheese for dairy cheese lovers. Their dairy farming roots help them combine tried and tested techniques with planet friendly ingredients.